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No strings attached, just an arm

Link: Comic 33

Title: GUEST STRIP! by the Kevling

Date: December 15, 2004

Summary: Steve asks Beaver to pull his finger, which isn't very well attached to his body.

Cast: Beaver, Steve

Onomatopoeias used: "HURR", "POP", "SCRITCH!"

"Fin" style: Written with Steve's bleeding appendages.

Number of panels: 4


Panel 1

Steve: (quietly HURR'ing) "Hey Beaver, pull my finger"

Panel 2

Beaver pulls Steve's finger, but POP's his arm off.

Panel 3

Awkward silence.

Panel 4

Steve: "That's the third time that's happened"
Beaver SCRITCH's his eye with the detached hand.

Fun Facts

  • This comic is based on the fact that reptiles can easily lose and regrow their limbs.
  • This comic is the second guest strip ever in "beaver and steve"



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