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'''[[:Category:Onomatopoeias|Onomatopoeias]] used:''' "[[GROOOOO]]"
'''[[:Category:Onomatopoeias|Onomatopoeias]] used:''' "[[GROOOOO]]"
'''"[[Fin]]" style:''' On a plate.
'''"[[Fin]]" style:''' On a plate with a bite out of it.
'''Number of panels:''' 11
'''Number of panels:''' 11

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Steve and the turnip
Link: Comic 32

Title: 5-a-day

Date: December 13, 2004

Summary: Steve is the unwilling consumer of a turnip.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Timmy the Turnip

Onomatopoeias used: "GROOOOO"

"Fin" style: On a plate with a bite out of it.

Number of panels: 11


Panel 1

Beaver: "Here's your dinner, Steve!"
Steve: "Oh boy! I'm starved!"

Panel 2

Steve: "Turnip? Bleh!"
Beaver: "Now Steve, be good and eat your turnip while I go check on dessert."

Panel 3

Steve: "Yuck."

Panel 4

Timmy the Turnip: "Hey there!"
Steve: "Oh!"

Panel 5

Timmy: "I'm Timmy the Turnip and I'm rich in vitamins and minerals!"

Panel 6

Timmy: "And I taste good too! Tuck in!"
Steve: "No thanks."
Timmy: "Go on, just a bite."
Steve: "I'm not hungry."

Panel 7

Timmy: "EAT ME!"

Panel 8

Timmy: "YAAA!"
Steve: "AAAAH!"

Panel 9

Timmy: "EAT ME!"
Steve: "NOOOO!"

Panel 10

Timmy: "That's it! Open wide!"
Steve: *GAKKL!*

Panel 11

Beaver: "There, see, that wasn't so hard, was it?"

Fun Facts

First use of a turnip as a plot device.



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