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Link: Comic 317

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: ha-ha this-a-way, ha-ha that-a-way - part 1

Date: November 23, 2007

Summary: Beaver and Stever are playing 'Monotony' when a wizard suddenly joins them.


Onomatopoeias used: "CRONCH", "FLOOMP!", "SWIRL!", "CHOP!", "KICK!", "PFOOF!"

Number of panels: 6


Panel 1

Beaver and Steve are playing Monotony.
Beaver: "Oh dear, it looks like you've just landed on Park Lane, where I've got... Steve, have you been eating my houses again?"
Steve CRONCH's houses.
Steve: "Waf houfef?"

Panel 2

Suddenly, a Wizard FLOOMPs in, whilst Steve is stealing money from the bank.
Wizard: "YAA! CHECK ME OUT!"
Beaver: "Goodness!"
Steve: "Oh My Gosh! Are you the real thing?"
Wizard: "You'd better believe it!"
Steve: "Oh boy! A real fireman!"

Panel 3

The wizard points at Steve, and Beaver is looking at the mess on the floor.
Wizard: "Fireman!? Check out the pointy hat! The wand! The funny little shoes!"
Steve: "... An astronaut?"
Beaver: "Well who's going to clear up all these stars?"

Panel 4

The wizard is gesturing angrily at Steve.
Wizard: "No! I'm a frickin' WIZARD! You know, consorting with demons and conjuring dark magiks all up in your business! Yaa!"
Steve: "Oh right, a wizard. Well if you see any firemen around let me know."

Panel 5

The wizard is doing an impression of a fireman to Steve.
Wizard: "Bah! Firemen are sissies! Oh la-de-da! Look at me extinguishing a fire! I think I'm so fancy just because I get to slide down a pole instead of taking the stairs. Ha!"
Steve: "Well wha'ts so great about wizards then?"

Panel 6

A demon PFOOFs in as summoned by the Wizard.
Wizard: "Can a fireman do this: ALAKAZAM!"
Demon: GRAAA! Who dares disturm Qual'n'gurtha from his eternal slumber in the realm of shadow? I was having such a nice dream too!"

Fun Facts

  • Demons have nice dreams
  • Steve eats Monotony houses



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