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Link: Comic 315

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: the Steve Solution

Date: November 13, 2007

Summary: Steve is Bathed.



"Fin" style: Written with icky muck.

Number of panels: 9


Panel 1

Beaver has a Menacing Frown and a brush.
Beaver: Right Steve, I think it's time you had a bath.

Panel 2

Steve looks like a swamp monster's nightmare. There is a duck in a nest on his head, and many nasty biological things oozing from him. He is standing in a puddle of his own filth.
Steve: What makes you say that?
Duck: Wak.

Panel 3

Steve is in a bathtub full of ham-flavoured foam. The duck, looking back reproachfully at Steve with a tear in his eye, has his possessions tied up in a handkerchief on a stick over his shoulder, and is wearing a top hat. Beaver is SCUB-A-SCRUBbing Steve.
Beaver: Just look at the state of you - you're filthy! When was the last time you had a bath?
Steve: Bah! I had one just the other day!

Panel 4

A ruff-wearing Steve is SPLISH SPLASHing in a puddle (puddle composition: 60% mud, 30% wee, 10% muddy wee). Walter Raleigh (possibly), Queen Elizabeth I and a dog with a ruff are looking on in abject horror.
Steve: Hee hee! Look! I'm having a bath! Woo!
Elizabeth I: Forsooth, what is that wretched stench? GROSS!
Dog in Ruff: Ruff,

Panel 5

Steve is in the bath, being SCRUBBITY-SCRUBbed by Beaver. His skin is now its natural dark green and the bathwater is the colour of the vile mud.
Steve: Come on, I'm clean now! Let me out! I'm getting all pruney!
Beaver: You're not done yet - there's still dirt coming off!
Steve: That's not dirt! That's my skin's natural protection!

Panel 6

Beaver SPLOOSHes a large amount of water on Steve from a jug.
Beaver: Oh shush! I'll just rinse you off and you'll see how much better you look without all that muck!

Panel 7

A white chicken is sitting in the middle of the bath. The water is Steve-coloured and Steve's back spine thingies are floating about in it. Beaver looks on in puzzlement.
Beaver: Hmm... perhaps I did scrub a little too hard.

Panel 8

Beaver, unfazed by Steve's apparent chicken-ness, wraps the chicken up in a pink towel and carries him off.
Beaver: Well, let's get you dried up and ready for bed.
Chicken: Bok

Panel 9

The bathtub is full of Steve-coloured water. Steve's back spines and eyes are floating about in it.
Bath: Beaver? Can I get out now?
Beaver (offstage): Oh, silly me, I almost forgot to pull out the plug...

Fun Facts

The scrubbing brush is a PANDA! Steve is water-soluble.



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