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Link: Comic 314

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: incendiary thinking

Date: November 9, 2007

Summary: Steve's attempts to warm himself by imagining a fire go a little too well.


Onomatopoeias used: "SHIVER!", "SHAKE!", "CRACKLE", "PAT", "FLAP!", "HUFF!", "APPEAR!"

"Fin" style: Little flames

Number of panels: 9


Panel 1

Beaver and Steve are wearing scarves. Steve SHIVER!s and SHAKE!s. Their breath makes little clouds.
Steve: "So ... cold... Bodily Functions... ...shutting down..."
Beaver: "What I do when I'm cold is I imagine a nice hot fire and then I feel warm in no time. Give it a try!"

Panel 2

Steve: "Hmm.. OK, I'll give it a go..."
Steve imagines a happy flame.
Flame: "Fire! Woo!"
Steve: "I've just got to think about fire.. Thiiiiiink..."

Panel 3

Steve looks happier.
Steve: "Wow! It really works! I feel warmer already! It's like there really is a fire!"
Beaver: "I think you might be a little too good at this Steve..."
Beaver's tail starts to CRACKLE as fire burns it.

Panel 4

Beaver tries to PAT PAT the fire out with his scarf.
Beaver: "I don't suppose you could try imagining me a fireman now?"
Steve: "Don't worry Beaver. I'll think one up right away!"

Panel 5

Steve is now dressed as a cowboy, complete with Stetson hat, bandana and gun holster.
Steve: "Ta-da! I'm a fire man!"
Beaver: "I don't think that's quite right Steve..."
Beaver FLAP!s his scarf which is now also on fire.
Beaver: "Please do try to concentrate.... It is a trifle urgent..."

Panel 6

Steve: "OK, OK! Gee... Some people can get so pushy when they're on fire.."
Steve is in a HUFF!
Steve: "Right... Fireman... Fireman..."

Panel 7

An ice cream cone with chocolate topping and a flake APPEAR!s in Steve's hand.
Steve: "Oh Boy! An Icecream!"

Panel 8

A Dragon pokes it's happy pink head into view.
A Dragon: "Miaow."
Steve: "... and a Dragon! Yay!"

Panel 9

Steve flies away on the back of the Dragon, leaving Beaver to be engulfed by the fire.
Steve: "Yeehaaaaaaaw!"
Beaver: "... I think I'm going to need some balm..."

Fun Facts

Although Steve is cold, he imagines an Ice Cream.



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