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Steve manifests the Lobster of Contempt.

Link: Comic 301

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: just desserts

Date: August 23, 2007

Summary: Steve cannot believe Beaver's choice to eat broccoli rather than ice cream. He summons the Lobster of Contempt to rain down justice.


Onomatopoeias used: "MUNCH MUNCH", "MANIFEST!", "PTUI!", "LICK LICK"

"Fin" style: Written on small stalks of broccoli

Number of panels: 9


Panel 1

Steve holds up an ice cream cone.
Steve: "After extensive researce I have come to a conclusion: ice cream is the best thing EVER."
Beaver MUNCHes on a piece of broccoli.
Beaver: "You know, I think I pprefer a nice steamed broccoli. It's just bursting with delicious vitamins."

Panel 2

Steve stares at Beaver, agog.

Panel 3

Steve: "The magnitute of my contempt for you is so vast that it is taking on physical form."
Steve's very contempt begins to MANIFEST! into something above his head.

Panel 4

Beaver: "...Why is it a lobster?"
A lobster floats above Steve's head as he looks on.

Panel 5

Lobster of Contempt: "I am the Lobster of Contempt! Why have I been summoned?"
Steve points at Beaver.
Steve: "He says he likes broccoli more than ice cream"

Panel 6

Lobster of Contempt looks at Beaver incredulously.
Lobster of Contempt: "He... He What?.."
Beaver holds up his broccoli.
Beaver: "I-It's crunchy."

Panel 7

A small turnip MANIFEST!'s above the Lobster of Contempt's head.

Panel 8

Beaver: "So what's this one going to.."

Panel 9

The turnip PTUI!'s into Beaver's eye, as the Lobster of Contempt and Steve both LICK cones of ice cream.
Moral: "Remember kids: don't be mean, eat your green(s)!

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