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Link: Comic 292

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: wall's well that ends well

Date: July 17, 2007

Summary: The duo tours a house. Steve likes the house, but Beaver is somewhat put off by the thousand tormented souls trapped in one of its walls.


Onomatopoeias used: "GROPE", "REACH", "WRITHE", "CLICK", "SHOVE!"

"Fin" style: White letters, which are being grabbed at by a tormented soul

Number of panels: 10


Panel 1

Real Estate Agent shows the duo a window, in which are framed trees and squirrels.
Real Estate Agent: "And as you can see, the property also has stunning views across the park..."
Steve: "I love it! We'll take it!"
Beaver: "I'm not so sure Steve..."

Panel 2

Beaver: "I mean, what's that?"
Beaver gestures at a wall, from which protrude a number of ghastly faces and arms. A very large face dominates the wall. The arms GROPE, REACH, and WRITHE menacingly, and ectoplasm oozes from the eyes and mouths of the faces. A yellow line on the floor marks a barrier, a short distance from the wall. In the background, a radio sits on a stool.

Panel 3

Real Estate Agent: "Ah yes, the wall of eternal torment is an original feature of this unique property, but I assure you it's completely safe..."
Real Estate Agent: "As long as you stay behind the yellow line"

Panel 4

Real Estate Agent smiles, as the tormented souls wail tormentedly.

Panel 5

Real Estate Agent turns on the radio with a CLICK. The music partially drowns out the wailing of the souls.
Tormented Souls: "FAXRT...Q AAVX...DL OVVA...INY"

Panel 6

Real Estate Agent moves away from the wall to talk with Beaver and Steve.
Real Estate Agent: "So what do you think?"
Beaver: "I don't really think I'd feel comfortable living in a house with a thousand tormented souls trapped inside it..."
Steve: "Aw man!"

Panel 7

Steve: "Psst! Beaver can we have a word?"
Beaver: "Of course Steve. What is it?"

Panel 8

Steve draws Beaver near the wall. The radio and stool are now gone. Steve SHOVE!s Beaver over the yellow line. Several phantasmal arms grab Beaver.
Beaver: "Oh dear!"
Largest tormented soul: "XATAXXL!"

Panel 9

The largest tormented soul is eating Beaver.
Steve, to Real Estate Agent: "We'll take it!"
Real Estate Agent: "An excellent choice sir!"
Beaver: "MMF!"

Panel 10

3 weeks later. Beaver's head and arms have now been incorporated into the wall of eternal torment. A purple sofa has been moved in against the non-haunted back wall.
Steve: "Man, this house SUCKS!
Soul of Beaver: "Well I did try to tell you..."
Steve: "Don't make me hang a picture over you again."
Another tormented soul: "Yeuch - purple sofas with blue wallpaper? Pu-lease!

Fun Facts

  • Though Beaver estimates the number of tormented souls within the wall at 1000, no more than 15 are depicted at any given time.
  • Evidently, upon grabbing a victim, tormented souls then pass him or her to the large soul in the center, which swallows the victim, in so doing adding his or her soul to the wall.



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