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Steve's other friends show up.

Link: Comic 289

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: it's all relative - part 5

Date: June 29, 2007

Summary: Steve accidentally ruins his next birthday as well.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Einstein, Bo'sun Snuggles, Flash Thunderfoot, Valdamon the Sagacious, Atomo: Boy of the Future, The Saurian

Onomatopoeias used: "ACCUSE!", "DEJECTED!"

"Fin" style: Entering a black hole.

Number of panels: 7


Panel 1

Steve: "Oh man, this is terrible! My cake and all my presents have collapsed into a singularity!"

Panel 2

Steve: "And it's all your fault, imaginary Einstein with a dinosaur body!"
Steve ACCUSE!s Einstein.
Einstein: "Eh? Don't look at me! I'm an imaginary dinosaur with Einstein's head. RAAR!"

Panel 3

Steve is DEJECTED!.
Beaver: "Don't feel bad Steve! Remember, there's always next year!"

Panel 4

Steve: "By golly you're right Beaver! I'll make sure next year's birthday is the best one ever!"
Beaver: "That's the spirit!"

Panel 5

Beaver and Steve wait for the next birthday.

Panel 6

Steve's other friends (Bo'sun Snuggles, Flash Thunderfoot, Valdamon the Sagacious, Atomo: Boy of the Future and The Saurian) show up. The black hole is there.
Bo'sun Snuggles: "Hey Steve, sorry we couldn't make it last year, but here we are for this, your next birthday! Woo!"

Panel 7

Steve's other friends are sucked into the black hole.
Atomo: Boy of the Future: "Oh deeeeeeear!"
The Saurian: "Yuuuuurrr"
Beaver: "I think maybe you should put the black hole away now."
Steve: "Hmm.. I think I might just let it run a couple more years..."

Fun Facts

  • Beaver doesn't celebrate his own birthday.
  • Steve probably doesn't like his friends all that much.
  • Beaver and Steve remain unaffected by the black hole.



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