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General Relativity teaches kids about black holes.

Link: Comic 286

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: it's all relative - part 2

Date: June 15, 2007

Summary: An illustration of how Steve uses a black hole to speed up time.

Cast: General Relativity, Clockwork

Onomatopoeias used: "LOWER!", "GLOOP", "LIFT", "BUZZZ!", "BUZZ!"

Number of panels: 6


Panel 1

General Relativity: "What-ho! My name is General Relativity, and I'm here to demonstrate how Steve is going to use a black hole to make his birthday come sooner!"

Panel 2

General Relativity: "So, let's imagine that my friend Clockwork here represents time..."
Clockwork: "Hi kids! I'm the Continuum of Experience!"
General Relativity: "Now you might think that time passes at the same rate everywhere in the Universe..."

Panel 3

General Relativity: "But once time gets involved with space (represented here by a vat of honey) things get a little more complicated..."
Clockwork is LOWER!ed into a giant vat of SPACE which causes a GLOOP.
Clockwork: "Space is oozing into my shoes..."
General Relativity: "Ho ho! That's called the 'Minkowski Space'!"

Panel 4

General Relativity: "You see, objects with a lot of mass are able to distort space, and when space gets distorted so does time! What do you think of that, eh Clockwork?"
Clockwork: "I-I think I'd like to get out now.."
General Relativity: "Ho ho! So let's see what happens when a black hole (with a very large mass) is introduced to the system..."

Panel 5

General Relativity: "We'll use this basket of enraged bees to represent the black hole..."
General Relativity LIFTs open the basket and the bees BUZZZ! out.
Clockwork: "Oh.."
General Relativity: "Obviously in real life black holes are a lot larger. Ho ho!"

Panel 6

General Relativity: "And so I think that makes it clear how the theory of relativity works!"
The bees BUZZ! around Clockwork.
Clockwork: "Oh! Aah! I am allergic!"
General Relativity: "Make sure you come back next week!"

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