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Steve fixes the paradox problem.

Link: Comic 277

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: the cake loop

Date: May 1, 2007

Summary: Steve eats a cake, and in so doing, creates several paradoxes.

Cast: Beaver, Steve(* a lot) (including one of Steve's ancestors )

Onomatopoeias used: "GLAAA", "BELLY RUB!", "SWIPE!", "GLOMP", "SPLUT!", "VOOOOSH!", "CHA-BOOM!", "PIF", "PAF"

"Fin" style: Repeated several times

Number of panels: 12


Panel 1

Steve eats a cake with a GLAAA.

Panel 2

Steve BELLY RUB!s himself.
Steve: "Oh man, that was the best cake ever! I wish I could eat it all over again!"

Panel 3

Steve holds up the Time-Master 2000.
Steve: "...and perhaps I can..."

Panel 4

Steve eats a cake with a GLAAA.

Panel 5

A second Steve appears, and SWIPE!s the cake from the first Steve.
Steve (2): "I'll have that!"
Steve (1): "Oh!"

Panel 6

The second Steve eats the cake with a GLOMP.
Steve (1): "Hey!"

Panel 7

Beaver: "Steve! How many times do I have to tell you not to create paradoxes?"
Steve (2): "Don't worry Beaver, I can sort this out."

Panel 8

[Earlier again...]
The second Steve SWIPE!s the cake from the first Steve.
Steve (2): "I'll have that!"
Steve (1): "Oh!"

Panel 9

A third Steve appears and pushes the second Steve towards the first Steve, causing the second Steve to drop the cake.
Steve (3): "Give that back!"
Steve (2): "Akh!"
Steve (1): "Oh no! The cake!"
Steve (3): "I...ok, I can fix this..."

Panel 10

[Several earliers later...]
Beaver and the fifteenth Steve watch 14 other Steves embroiled in battle.
Beaver: "This isn't going entirely to plan is it Steve?"
Steve (15): "Don't worry Beaver, I've got it worked out for sure this time."

Panel 11

The fifteenth Steve fires a rocket launcher with a VOOOOSH! It hits the other Steves with a CHA-BOOM!

Panel 12

The fifteenth Steve dusts off his hands with a PIF, PAF while the dust settles over the other Steves lying scattered in the background.
Steve (15): "Well it looks like I cleaned that mess up, with no loose ends whatsoever. How about some cake to celebrate?"

Fun Facts

  • This is a "double size" strip.
  • Seven Steves were blasted out of the frame.



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