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Beaver reminds Steve of one of the rules of the garden.

Link: Comic 274

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: lobstu'thu petuniaghn

Date: April 20, 2007

Summary: A giant lobster wins first prize at a gardening contest.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Mayor, Elderly Woman, Lobstu'thu, Azalea, Chrysanthemum

Onomatopoeias used: "CRASH!", "RIP!", "REND!", "CRACK", "PAF", "SOB!"

"Fin" style: On flowers.

Number of panels: 8


Panel 1

Mayor: "...and so it gives me great pleasure to present you the prize for 'New Malden's Prettiest Garden'!"
Beaver: "Thank you Your Mayorness! This is the proudest moment of my life!"
Elderly woman: "Ooh, these rhododendrons are just sublime!"
Mayor: "And might I just say how wonderful it is to know that even here in the city one can find such a haven of tranquility as this..."

Panel 2

Steve and Lobstu'thu CRASH! through the wall, locked in combat.
Lobstu'thu: "GRAAA!"
Steve: "You're going back to whatever briney hell you spawned from, Lobstu'thu!"
Mayor: "My word!"

Panel 3

Steve has a giant version of a tool commonly used to crack lobster exoskeletons prior to consuming the tasty flesh inside.
Lobstu'thu RIP!s and REND!s the flowers underneath as he battles Steve.
Steve: "I'll turn you into crab sticks!"
Beaver: "Oh no! My azaleias!"
Azalea: "Ak! My xylem!"

Panel 4

Steve has the tool around Lobstu'thu's neck, causing a CRACK.
Beaver: "Steve! You know you're not allowed to play or battle elder gods in my garden!"
Steve: "But..."
Lobstu'thu: "Glakk"

Panel 5

Beaver: "No buts Steve! Just look what you've done to my chrysanthemums!"
Chrysanthemum: "Choke!...So cold..."
Steve: "I..I was just..."
Beaver: "I'm sorry Steve, but you've forced me to do this..."
Steve: "No! Not that!.."

Panel 6

Beaver looms over Steve, chiding him.
Beaver: "I'm...VERY DISAPPOINTED in you Steve..."
Steve: "Oh the unimaginable shame!"

Panel 7

Beaver dusts off his hands with a PAF while Steve SOB!s.
Beaver: "Well, I think you've learned your lesson. Now, let's hope the judges are understanding..."

Panel 8

Lobstu'thu is holding a pot of flowers as the Mayor hands him the prize.
Mayor: "Why, I've never seen such fine petunias! The prize is yours!"
Lobstu'thu: "I guess I just have green chela"
Beaver: "Gadzooks! Those petunias are incredible!"

Fun Facts

  • Beaver and Steve live in New Malden.
  • Steve says he will turn Lobstu'thu, the giant lobster, into crab sticks.
  • Beaver keeps a garden.
  • "Oh the unimaginable shame!" is a twist on "Oh the unimaginable PAIN!"


  • Lobstu'thu is a reference to C'Thulu.
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