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'''Summary:''' Beaver and Steve keep looking for the Elephant graveyard....
'''Summary:''' Beaver and Steve keep looking for the Elephant graveyard....
'''Cast:''' [[BEAVER]], [[STEVE]], [[ELEPHANT,]]
'''Cast:''' [[Beaver]], [[Steve]], [[Elephant]]
'''[[:Category:Onomatopoeias|Onomatopoeias]] used:''' None
'''[[:Category:Onomatopoeias|Onomatopoeias]] used:''' None

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Link: Comic 273

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: elephantastic - part 3

Date: April 17, 2007

Summary: Beaver and Steve keep looking for the Elephant graveyard....

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Elephant

Onomatopoeias used: None

"Fin" style: Written in elephant Teeth

Number of panels: 6


Panel 1


Beaver and Steve hides in the bush watching a tired looking elephant.

Steve: "There's one! Now all we have to do is sit back and wait for it to lead us to the burial ground"

Panel 2

Beaver and Steve sits in a wash and watches the elephant doing necessary things on the toilet, while he's reading the newspaper.

Panel 3

Beaver and Steve hides in the Frozen Foods area of store, right in the peas, with winter clothes on, while the elephant is buying dinner, holding an empty shopping basket in his trunk.

Panel 4

Still in the store, Steve is running away from the elephant because he is detected, Beaver just sits there doing nothing.

Elephant: "Are you following me?..."
Steve: "RUN!"

Panel 5

Steve: "Drat! I'm never going to find that ivory! I guess I'll just have to forget about 'Steve's piano key and cue ball emporium' ...
Steve: "Unless..."

Panel 6

Six years later...

The elephant is old, sitting in a chair at Elephant dentist Steve's dental clinic, looking pretty scared.
Steve's standing with a nipper on a ladder.
A bucket of Ivory is standing on the floor.

Steve: "Say 'AAH' "

Fun Facts

Elephants go to dentists...



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