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What a sissy.

Link: Comic 27

Title: going to the zoo zoo zoo - part 5

Date: November 29, 2004

Summary: Beaver and Steve find the victim of a (non-poisonous) bear.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Bear Victim Guy

Onomatopoeias used: "BOK!", "POKE"

Number of panels: 5


Panel 1

Beaver and Steve notice an injured person nearby.
Bear Victim Guy: "HELP!"

Panel 2

Steve: (holding the guy's head) "What happened?"
Bear Victim Guy: "I was *kaff* given a mauling by an escaped bear..."
Steve: "Oh my god! ... A poisonous mauling?"
Bear Victim Guy: "N.. no..."

Panel 3

Steve lets the guy's head drop and hit the ground with a BOK!
Steve: "Sissy!"
Bear Victim Guy: "NNK!"

Panel 4

Steve stares angrily at the guy, who seems to have lost consciousness.

Panel 5

Steve POKE's the guy.
Bear Victim Guy: "I am bleeding internally"
[To be contd.]

Fun Facts



  • Steve's question, "A poisonous mauling?" is a reference to Comic 25, where Beaver pointed out that poisonous bears are the most dangerous animals.
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