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Beaver and Steve in prison

Link: Comic 268

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: bread for success - part 4

Date: March 16, 2007

Summary: Beaver and Steve are imprisoned by the Toaster People as Toastermakerian spies!

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Toaster King, Toaster Scientists

Onomatopoeias used: "FIGHTING!"

Number of panels: 6


Panel 1

Beaver: "All this fuss over a slice of bread? Don't worry Steve, I'll speak to them and I'm sure they'll be sitting down to tea together in no time..."
Beaver walks over to the Toaster King who is observing the FIGHTING! off-panel.
Beaver: "Excuse me, Your Highness? ..."

Panel 2

Beaver and Steve are in prison.
Beaver: "I can't believe we've been imprisoned as Toastermakerian spies!"
Steve: "Well, I hope now you'll think twice before meddling again in future Beaver."
Beaver: "In fairness it didn't really help that you yelled 'In the name of Toastermakeria' and tried to stab the King with a toasting fork."
Steve: "If loving my country is a crime then I'm guilty as charged."
Beaver: "Well I'm sure they'll realise the misunderstanding soon. We'll be out of here in no time..."

Panel 3

[70 years later...]
Beaver and Steve are still in prison. An aged Steve, with long white beard and moustache and walking cane, peers out the prison window.
Steve: "Do my old eyes deceive me? It looks like the Toastermakerians have the castle surrounded! Could this long bloody war finally be coming to an end?"
Steve: "If my old bones weren't so weak and brittle I'd jump for joy."

Panel 4

A normally-aged Beaver is talking to the ancient Steve.
Beaver: "Steve, you do realise that because time doesn't behave the same way in this dimension as it does in ours, we haven't actually aged at all, right?"
Steve: "Oh. Right."

Panel 5

Beaver and Steve, who has become young again, are at the bars of the prison. A well-aged Toaster King is yelling at them and holding the slice of bread.
Toaster King: "Damn you Toastermakerians! You may have us surrounded, but you haven't won yet... We still have..."
Toaster King: "The slice!"
Toaster King: "Bring forth the Ultimate Weapon!"

Panel 6

The Toaster King and Beaver and Steve from inside the prison cell watch as two Toaster Scientists bring out a device resembling a toaster.
Beaver: "You know Steve, this dimension is starting to get a little predictable."
Steve: "Hey, it looks sort of like a toaster!"
[To be contd.]

Fun Facts

  • The Ultimate Weapon looks a little like a toaster!
  • Because time doesn't behave the same way in this dimension as it does in ours, Beaver and Steve haven't actually aged at all in 70 years. The Toaster King has though.
  • The Toastermakerians were called "Toastiemakerians" in Comic 267, but are consistently called Toastermakerians in this comic.



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