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The Holy Slice!

Link: Comic 267

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: bread for success - part 3

Date: March 13, 2007

Summary: The duo enter the castle only to find it soon besieged!

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Toaster People, Toaster King, Toastiemakerians, Robot, Lion

Onomatopoeias used: "CRASH!", "*BATTLE!*"

Number of panels: 6


Panel 1

"Our heroes have many encounters..."
There is a robot looking oddly similar to Emotibot, holding a heart. He has a funnel on his head.
Robot: "Love?"

Panel 2

"On their journey..."
There is an upright standing lion holding a jar with an intestine. In front of him is also a jar with a spine.
Lion: "You know, I do feel a little braver..."

Panel 3

"Until eventually..."
Beaver and Steve are nearing the Emerald Toaster, and the Toaster Creature is nearly to the door of it. There are Toaster Birds in the sky above the Emerald Toaster.
Steve points to the Toaster Creature.
Steve: "Come on Beaver, we've almost caught him!"

Panel 4

The view is now from inside the Emerald Toaster, which looks like a castle from inside. There are banners featuring four rectangles, two types. In the upper left and lower right are red rectangles with a tree on them. In the other corners are blue rectangles with toasters on them.
The Toaster Creature is bowing down, holding the bread slice forth, to what is likely the Toaster King, wearing a golden toaster on his head.
Toaster Creature: "My leige! The legends were true! I have found The Slice!"
Toaster King: "By the element! With this source of yeasty power in our hands the kingdom can finally flourish!"
Beaver: "Look Steve! Our simple slice of bread is bringing so much joy to these peaceful folk!"

Panel 5

The wall CRASH!es down by a slice griller thingy (looks oddly like a waffler but with triangles for diagonally cut bread instead), suddenness lines appearing above said... sounded onomatopoeia. There is a green guy on the griller, and a whole army of other green things in the background. He has abruptness lines above his head. The dais the throne stood upon is gone, and the throne itself is smashed.
Green guy: "Surrender the Slice!"
The Toaster King has alarm lines above his crown.
Toaster King, holding the Slice: "Toastiemakerians! I should have expected this treachery! Guards!"

Panel 6

There is a sudden *BATTLE!* between the Toaster Folk and the Toastiemakerians. The Toastiemakerians' mounts are those grillers, while the Toaster Folk have Toaster Tanks. The other soldiers just have swords and shields. One of two visible grillers has two Toaster Folk soldiers smashed in it. One of them has their head sticking out, with shock lines pouring out of his head.
Beaver: "I'm sensing a little hostility here."

Fun Facts

  • Steve gives Robot a heart. Robot looks a lot like Emotibot.
  • Steve gives the Lion a spine and some guts</font>.
  • Panels 1 and 2 seem connected by that tree between them.
  • Beaver and Steve took the right (or left, for that matter) path.
  • The Toaster Folk's king wears a golden toaster on his head.


  • Emotibot's misunderstanding of emotions is represented in the Emotibot-looking-like Robot.
  • The Robot resembles the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz.
  • The Lion represents the Lion from the Wizard of Oz.
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