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Link: Comic 266

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: Woah is Meme - by Brandon J Carr

Date: March 6, 2007

Summary: Steve fathoms a plot for a blue Blue Ninja to become more popular.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Blue Ninja, Unicorn, Ice cream, Ninjacorn

Onomatopoeias used: None

"Fin" style: Bold green letters.

Number of panels: 12


Panel 1

The strip's title is seen, reading "Beaver and Steve in: Whoa is meme!
Our two heroes are shocked as from the right side of the panel appears a sad speech bubble.
Blue Ninja: "Sniff"

Panel 2

We can now see Blue ninja, who appears very down.
Beaver: "What's wrong, Blue ninja?"
Blue Ninja: "My electric mail brings this one no news but sorrow."

Panel 3

Blue Ninja's mood continues to deteriorate.
Blue Ninja: "I was sent a link to an article on the web-spun-not-by-spiders-but-by-nerds stating the age of the ninja is in jeopardy."
(Off-panel, probably Beaver) : "But what could possibly be more popular than a ninja?"

Panel 4

Blue Ninja holds up a picture of a very pink unicorn with a happy smile and large eyes.
Blue Ninja: "Unicorns!"
Steve: "Tee hee."
Beaver: "Shush, Steve."

Panel 5

Beaver also appears disappointed, now.
Blue Ninja: "They are protected by magickques that are beyond the reach of any unaltered ninja."
Beaver: "All is lost, then. It seems there is no way to beat them."

Panel 6

Steve appears from the right side of the panel as Beaver looks down at him in awe.
Steve: "Tut tut, Beaver!"
Steve: "As they say, if you can't beat them, join them..."

Panel 7

Steve appears malicious and the background darkens. He holds up a rolled fist and furrows his brows.
Steve: "...At the molecular level!"

Panel 8

A thought bubble of Beaver as he imagines Blue Ninja, fitted with a single horn and ready for a fight.

Panel 9

Beaver is convinced and looks gleeful.
Beaver: "Brilliant, Steve!"
Beaver: "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
Steve: "I believe I am, dear Beaver."

Panel 10

Steve's thought bubble, clearly not the same as Beaver's, as Steve imagines two ice cream cones and an ice cream cake.
Ice cream in chorus: "You're so handsome, Steve!"

Panel 11

Steve throws his arms in the air as his plan comes into fruition. We see Blue Ninja's face to the right of the panel, he is no longer sad.
Steve: "Rise, Ninjacorn!"

Panel 12

We did not expect to see this, as the Blue Ninja has apparantly been shrunk down to several inches in height, his legs joined together and then attached by his ankles to the forehead of a unicorn, where it's horn used to be. The unicorn appears highly displeased.
Steve: "Hmm..."
Ninjacorn: "I am a hybrid weapon of very tiny punches! I'll lay waste to any unicorn that stands very close to me!"
Ninjacorn: "Hiiiiii-yah! Neigh!"
Beaver: "Steve, is that your Ape-irate running around the parlor yelling "Aaaarrr! Ook ook!"?"

Fun Facts

  • An Ape-irate is clearly another one of Steve's genetic experiments where he must have managed to cross a pirate with an ape.



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