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* The [[Comic 262|previous comic]] also had a similar [[Wikipedia:Dungeons & Dragons|Dungeons & Dragons]] theme.
* The [[Comic 262|previous comic]] also had a similar [[Wikipedia:Dungeons & Dragons|Dungeons & Dragons]] theme.
* Beaver's Shield, even if it looks like like [[wikipedia:Image:Dndc-the gang.jpg|Eric the Cavalier]]'s, actualy have a symbol of white unicorn on the black field, which can be a refference to the "[[Comic 172|Down of the Unicorn]]".
* Beaver's shield, even if it looks like [[wikipedia:Image:Dndc-the gang.jpg|Eric the Cavalier]]'s, actually has a symbol of a white [[unicorn]] on a black background.
* Outfit of the picture refferences to the classic D&D picture of [[Wikipedia:Gelatinous cube|Gelatinous Cube]].

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Link: Comic 263

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: Hey! It's the loosely D&D themed filler strip!

Date: February 23, 2007

Summary: Writer's block!

Cast: Beaver, Steve, James Turner, Gelatinous Writer's Block

Onomatopoeias used: "PROD"

Number of panels: 1


Panel 1

Beaver and Steve, in their D&D forms, encounter a Gelatinous Writer's Block, with James Turner stuck inside.
Panel: "You have encountered a Gelatinous Writer's Block"
Panel: "Roll for Initiative."
Steve sticks his tongue out in disgust. Beaver PRODs the block with his dagger(sword?). James just blows his bubble pipe from within the block.

Fun Facts

  • Beaver and Steve are in their D&D forms.
  • There are two stray bones in the block.


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