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Spider Dolphins!

Link: Comic 262

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: Beaver and Steve QUEST

Date: February 20, 2007

Summary: Beaver and Steve, The video game!

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Gazoo-like character, Woahs, Spider Dolphins, Bees, Dragonotaur, Unicorn Cyclop Yeti, Squid

Onomatopoeias used: "APPEAR!", "LIGHTENING BOLT!", "LEVEL UP!", "HISS!", LOWER, "FORCE SHOE!", "FWOOSH!"

"Fin" style: Made of squid.

Number of panels: 9


Panel 1

[One day...]
Beaver and Steve are standing in the middle of the frame, doing nothing.

Panel 2

A Gazoo-like character APPEAR!'s.
Gazoo-like character: "Brave warriors! The Dragonotaur has stolen the Crystal of Excellent Wishingness from my castle, and only you can stop him from using it to make his evil dreams come true!"
Gazoo-like character: "You must cross The Bog of Woah, pass through The Caves of Moistness and climb to the top of Mount Deadly to retrieve the crystal from his lair!"
Beaver: "I'd better make sandwiches"

Panel 3

[And so...]
Beaver, Steve and the Gazoo-like character are in The Bog of Woah, fighting a couple of woahs.
Beaver uses a sword and Steve casts LIGHTENING BOLT!
Gazoo-like character: "We must hurry!"
Woah: "Woah!"
Another Woah: "Woah!"

Panel 4

[And then...]
Beaver, Steve and the Gazoo-like character are in The Caves of Moistness.
Beaver has a sword and a shield, Steve wears a belt with a skull.
Gazoo-like character: "Make haste!"
A Spider Dolphin LOWERs on Beaver with a HISS!
Beaver: "Oh no! Spider Dolphins!"
Steve casts a fireball at another Spider Dolphin while he LEVEL UP!'s
Steve: "Hee hee! That tickles!"

Panel 5

[And also...]
Beaver, Steve and the Gazoo-like character are climbing Mount Deadly.
Gazoo-like character: "Climb!"
Gazoo-like character: "Climb!"
Happy bees attack Beaver.
Happy Bee: "Buzz"
Another Happy Bee: "Buzz!"
Steve casts FORCE SHOE! on a Unicorn Cyclop Yeti.

Panel 6

[And a bit later...]
Beaver, Steve and the Gazoo-like character are finally in front of the Dragonotaur.
Dragonotaur: "GRAAA!"
The Dragonotaur breaths fire on Beaver with a FWOOSH!, but Beaver blocks it with his shield.
Gazoo-like character: "Vanquish the beast!"

Panel 7

Beaver, Steve and the Gazoo-like character are behind the remains of the Dragonotaur.
Beaver: "Well, we've searched the whole cave - The crystal isn't here!"
Gazoo-like character looks at his back pocket.
Gazoo-like character: "Oop, well what do you know! It was in my back pocket all along!"

Panel 8

Beaver and Steve look at the Gazoo-like character.
The Gazoo-like character has the crystal in his hand.
Gazoo-like character: "And to think you travelled all this way to find it! He he! It's kind if funny when you think about it, isn't it?"

Panel 9

A pile of squid is on the floor. Steve is holding the crystal above his head while Beaver looks on angrily.
Beaver: "Come on Steve, it's my turn to use the all-powerful wishing crystal now"
Steve: "I wish for... MORE SQUID!"

Fun Facts

  • It looks like the Minotaur from Comic 242 finally got his wish.
  • The entirety of this comic appears to be a parody of [[wikipedia:Dungeons
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