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Link: Comic 259

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: hat's all folks!

Date: February 6, 2007

Summary: Steve falls in a pit and is rescued by a man with a magic hat.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Magic Hat Man

Onomatopoeias used: "GRR!", "FOAM!", "HISS!", "TOOTLE TOOT!", "STIFFEN!", "BITE!", "SHOOOOP!", "CLOSE!"

"Fin" style: Letters inside the magic hat

Number of panels: 10


Panel 1

Steve is sitting at the bottom of a deep hole.

Panel 2

Steeve is still in the hole, though looking upwards now.
Steve: "This hole looked a lot more interesting from the the top."

Panel 3

Now we see at an angle viewing the top of the hole. A purple man with a green hat with a white star on it is above the hole. He has a purple strand of hair and a green bow tie.
Purple man: "I say! Hello down there! You look like you could use a hand!" Steve pauses, looking up: "..."
Purple man: "..Or perhaps a hat! Ho ho!"
Steve: "Well, I..."

Panel 4

The purple man pulls off the hat, and a ribbon like rainbow flies out from it. Upon the rainbow we can see a whale, a rollerskate, a pink unicorn with yellow stars on it, a purple and a pink butterfly, a T-Rex, and a crab.
Purple man: "You see, it is a MAGIC HAT!"
The letters of MAGIC HAT! are colored, in this order: red, yellow, green, blue, purple, red, yellow, green, blue.
Purple man: "Woosh!"

Panel 5

Purple man: "I'll soon have you out of there with the help of a few animal friends..."
Out from the hat come three rabid weasels and two enraged cobras. One cobra goes HISS! and one weasel goes FOAM!
Purple man: "Animal friends from my Magic Hat that is! Ho ho!"
Steve: "Oh no! Enraged cobras and rabid weasels!"

Panel 6

The magic hat opens up and a flute like thing comes out of it, going TOOTLE TOOT!
Purple man: "Fear not! A little Magic Hat magic will tame these beasts!"
From the flute comes a ribbon of music notes, causing the cobras to STIFFEN! and the weasels to BITE! onto the cobras, their tail holding onto the other, forming a ladder.
Steve: "Oh! A ladder!"

Panel 7

The flute is gone, and the hat is shut. Steve is out of the hole, looking down into it, where the cobras and weasels are stuck.
Steve: "Oh, but now the animals are trapped in the hole!"
Purple man: "Ho ho! Don't worry, my Magic Hat will rescue them in no time..."

Panel 8

Purple man: "...with this ladder! Ho ho!"
The hat pops open again, and a ladder comes out, into the hole. The animals get on it and it retracts back into the hat with a SHOOOOP!.
Purple man: "And it's all thanks to my Magic Hat!"

Panel 9

The purple man's hat swings to a CLOSE!, and he stands proudly.
Purple man: "So, what fun adventure should you and I have next?"
Purple man: "Or rather, you and I and my Magic Hat! Ho ho..."

Panel 10

Steve is walking proudly towards Beaver. The purple man is nowhere to be seen, but Steve is wearing the hat.
Beaver waves.
Beaver: "Hey Steve, nice hat!"
Steve: "Correction: Nice Magic Hat."

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