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Link: Comic 259

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: hat's all folks!

Date: February 6, 2007

Summary: Steve falls in a pit and is rescued by a man with a magic hat.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Magic Hat Man

Onomatopoeias used: "GRR!", "FOAM!", "HISS!", "TOOTLE TOOT!", "STIFFEN!", "BITE!", "SHOOOOP!", "CLOSE!"

"Fin" style: Letters inside the magic hat

Number of panels: 10


Panel 1

Steve is sitting at the bottom of a deep hole.

Panel 2

Steeve is still in the hole, though looking upwards now. Steve: "This hole looked a lot more interesting from the the top."

Panel 3

Now we see at an angle viewing the top of the hole. A purple man with a green hat with a white star on it is above the hole. He has a purple strand of hair and a green bow tie. Purple man: "I say! Hello down there! You look like you could use a hand!" Steve pauses, looking up: "..." Purple man: "..Or perhaps a hat! Ho ho!" Steve: "Well, I..."

Panel 4

The purple man pulls off the hat, and a ribbon like rainbow flies out from it. Upon the rainbow we can see a whale, a rollerskate, a pink unicorn with yellow stars on it, a purple and a pink butterfly, a T-Rex, and a crab. Purple man: "You see, it is a MAGIC HAT!" The letters of MAGIC HAT! are colored, in this order: red, yellow, green, blue, purple, red, yellow, green, blue. Purple man: "Woosh!"

Panel 5

Purple man: "I'll soon have you out of there with the help of a few animal friends..." Out from the hat come three rabid weasels and two enraged cobras. One cobra goes HISS! and one weasel goes FOAM! Purple man: "Animal friends from my Magic Hat that is! Ho ho!" Steve: "Oh no! Enraged cobras and rabid weasels!"

Panel 6

The magic hat opens up and a flute like thing comes out of it, going TOOTLE TOOT! Purple man: "Fear not! A little Magic Hat magic will tame these beasts!" From the flute comes a ribbon of music notes, causing the cobras to STIFFEN! and the weasels to BITE! onto the cobras, their tail holding onto the other, forming a ladder. Steve: "Oh! A ladder!"

Panel 7

The flute is gone, and the hat is shut. Steve is out of the hole, looking down into it, where the cobras and weasels are stuck. Steve: "Oh, but now the animals are trapped in the hole!" Purple man: "Ho ho! Don't worry, my Magic Hat will rescue them in no time..."

Panel 8

Purple man: "...with this ladder! Ho ho!" The hat pops open again, and a ladder comes out, into the hole. The animals get on it and it retracts back into the hat with a SHOOOOP!. Purple man: "And it's all thanks to my Magic Hat!"

Panel 9

The purple man's hat swings to a CLOSE!, and he stands proudly. Purple man: "So, what fun adventure should you and I have next?" Purple man: "Or rather, you and I and my Magic Hat! Ho ho..."

Panel 10

[Later] Steve is walking proudly towards Beaver. The purple man is nowhere to be seen, but Steve is wearing the hat. Beaver waves. Beaver: "Hey Steve, nice hat!" Steve: "Correction: Nice Magic Hat."

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