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[[Image:258_3.png|frame|Pfah, stupid ghost.]]
[[Image:258_3.png|frame|Pfah, stupid ghost.]]
'''Link:''' {{Comic|258}}
'''Link:''' {{Comic|258}}

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Pfah, stupid ghost.

Link: Comic 258

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: ghostbusting

Date: February 2, 2007

Summary: Beaver provides a total makeover for Steve's unwanted ghost.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Ghost

Onomatopoeias used: "SHIVER!", "DOOOM", "WOOOOAA", "AAAAIEE", "DRAW"

"Fin" style: Obscured by a pink pillow case with the word "party!" on it.

Number of panels: 8


Panel 1

Steve SHIVER!s. His breath is visible in the air. He is both cold and annoyed.
Steve: "It's freezing in here Beaver! Can't we turn up the thermostat?"
Beaver is in pontification mode. He has a finger in the air and his eyes closed.
Beaver: "Now Steve, the heating is fine as it is."

Panel 2

Beaver: "I think the problem is probably that ghost that follows you around everywhere"
He points to a sad glowing green stick figure hanging in mid air behind Steve.
Steve turns to look.

Panel 3

Steve turns his annoyance against the ghost and tries to shoo it away with his arms.
Steve: "Shoo! Skat! Stupid ghost!"
The ghost ignores Steve.
Steve: "How am I going to make it go away?"

Panel 4

Beaver : "Well you could try getting rid of that cursed death amulet..."
Indeed there is a chain around Steve's neck upon which hangs a massive bronze colored amulet. Neither were previously visible. The amulet bears the image of a sad smiley.
Steve: "No Way! Chicks totally dig cursed death amulets!"
He clutches the amulet. The amulet is emanating DOOOM, WOOOOAA and AAAAIEE sounds in his hands.
Beaver: "Hmm, ok, I think I have another idea.."

Panel 5

Steve: "I just need this old pillow case and a few marker pens..."
He holds said items in his hands.

Panel 6

Beaver, tongue poking out of his mouth in concentration, moves to pull the pillow case over the ghost off-panel.
Steve watches.

Panel 7

Beaver proceeds to DRAW on the pillowcased ghost off-panel while Steve observes.

Panel 8

Beaver: "There, your ghost problems are over!"
Beaver presents a pillowcase clad ghost which now has a happy face and the a speech bubble saying "let's party!" drawn on it.
Steve is thrilled.
Steve: "Yay! Now it's a party everywhere I go!"
Ghost: "Deeaaaath.."

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