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[[Image:254_3.png|frame|With a fez!]]
[[Image:254_3.png|frame|With a fez!]]
'''Link:''' {{Comic|254}}
'''Link:''' {{Comic|254}}

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With a fez!

Link: Comic 254

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: genghis cone

Date: January 19, 2007

Summary: Beaver and Steve argue about the best ice cream and find someone to settle the matter.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Tchotlapotek

Onomatopoeias used: "TAPPY TAP", "GLOM!"

"Fin" style: Written on ice cream scoops.

Number of panels: 6


Panel 1

Beaver eats strawberry ice cream.
Beaver: "Mmm-mmm! I think strawberry ice cream might just be the tastiest food it is physicially possible to have!"
Steve: "Heresy! Every body knows that chocolate rules the world of ice cream flavours with an iron fist, like some sort of dairy Ghengis Kahn."
Genghis Cone, an ice cream cone wearing a Mongol helmet and a traditional mongol ghoti and eyebrows, grins and holds a spear.
On the fridge, "steve roolz" is spelled out with coloured magnet letters.

Panel 2

Beaver: "I'm sorry Steve. I can't agree with that. When I eat strawberry ice cream I feel like angels are dancing on my tongue. In very cold shoes. Strawberry is best."
Steve: "Chocolate"
Beaver: "Strawberry!"
Steve: "Chocolate!"
An angel dances on a tongue. TAPPY TAP
Beaver: "It looks like there is only one way to resolve this..."

Panel 3

Beaver: "Hey, mighty Tchotlapotek, all-seeing oracle of the 7 heavens, omniscient seer of the unseen realms, and runner-up of the 1982 world origami championships, which is best: strawberry or chocolate?"

Panel 4

Tchotlapotek eyes Beaver and Steve with a determined squint.
Tchotlapotek: "Hmm... your question will tax the wisdom of Tchotlapotek to its very limits. I require complete solitude to consider this matter. Begone, and do not return until the golden condor has entered the 14th chamber of the sky."
(Beaver or Steve): "Huh?"
Tchotlapotek: "About a quarter to three."

Panel 5

[2:41 PM]
Steve opens a door labeled, "kitchen." Beaver follows.
Steve: "I wonder if he's reached a decision yet..."

Panel 6

Mostly-empty ice cream tubs are scattered on the floor.
Tchotlapotek eats strawberry ice cream. GLOM GLOM!
Steve: "My ice cream! NOOOOO!"

Fun Facts

  • The oracle has a fez, which shows that it's probably just James being silly in a costume.
  • It's certainly very convenient to have the all-seeing oracle of the 7 heavens in your kitchen. The origami thing is probably not that useful, though.
  • All the chocolate tubs have little Ghengus Khan's on them.



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