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Steve climbs to safety while the cold drowns in the nostrils.

Link: Comic 253

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: Unfeasible Voyage - part 4

Date: January 16, 2007

Summary: Steve gets out of beavers body after getting rid of the cold and shrinks him down to normal size, only to have left beavers exocrine system all messed up.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Cold

Onomatopoeias used: "GLOOOP!", "SWIRL!", "GLUG", "NYERR..", "CHOOO!", "POP!", "PPAZAK!", "SHRINK", "RUB RUB", "X 10,000"

"Fin" style: Magnified germs on beavers tail

Number of panels: 11


Panel 1

Steve and cold in pool of tears, bile and sweat in beavers body.
Steve: "This could be problematic"

Panel 2

Cold drowning towards the nostrils while Steve is holding on the tear pipe for safety.
Cold: "GLAKK!"
Cold swirls.
Cold: "I am unable to sufficiently express the unpleasantness of this situation! Gurgle!"

Panel 3

Steve: "Just call me 'docter Steve'"

Panel 4

Beaver NYERR'S

Panel 5

Beaver CHOO'S!

Panel 6

Beaver looking at his snot.
Beaver: "I wonder if I should be worried about that."

Panel 7

Steve POPS out of Beavers ear in his submarine vessel.
Beaver: "Ouch!"
Steve: "I did it! You're cured and all without inflicting massive damage to your exocrine system! Honest."

Panel 8

Steve SHRINKS Beaver with a PPAZAK! sound to it.
Beaver: "And you're sure you didn't break anything while you were in there?"
Steve: "Don't worry Beaver, I left it as good as new."

Panel 9

The earway, tears and bile pipes are all wrongly connected.

Panel 10

Beaver RUB RUB'S his eye.
Beaver: "I think I've got something in my eye..."
Steve: "It's ok Beaver, you don't have to pretend. It's been an emotional experience for me too."
Beaver: "Pardon?"
Steve: "But atleast we've seen the last of that cold!"

Panel 11

Cold shows up.
Cold: "I don't suppose you could direct me toward a shower?"
Beaver looking down at his tummy.
Beaver: "My gall bladder feels so sad."

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