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Link: Comic 252

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: Unfeasible Voyage - part 3

Date: January 12, 2007

Summary: Steve battles common cold with zinc!

Cast: Steve, Cold Virus, Beaver (starring as the background)

Onomatopoeias used: "UNMASK!", "SWING!", "CHOP!", "DUCK!", "HACK!", "HOP!", "WHACK", "POW", "THUNK"

Number of panels: 10


Panel 1

Steve: "Hang on..."

Panel 2

Steve: "Gasp! You've been the common cold all along!"
Cold Virus: "Oi! Who are you calling common?"
Cold Virus: "Look, I've got a little bowtie and everything. Very classy!"

Panel 3

Steve: "A dose of zinc should put a stop to you!"
Cold Virus: "Ha! It will take more than a few vitamin pills to get rid of me! Do your worst!"

Panel 4

Steve takes out an axe made of zinc with "Zn" carved onto the blade.
Cold Virus: (nervously) "...Perhaps I spoke a little hastily... Why don't we sit down and discuss this like gentlemen?..."

Panel 5

Steve SWING!s the axe at the virus, but he DUCK!s and Steve accidentally CHOP!s the snot pipe.
Steve: "Yaaa! Oops."
Cold Virus: "...over tea & scones?"

Panel 6

The virus HOP!s out of the way, causing Steve to HACK! another pipe, this one labelled as "EARWAX".
Cold Virus: "...or cake & biscuits if you don't like tea?..."
Steve: "Would you stay still!"

Panel 7

Steve: (WHACKing with the axe) "Take that!"

Panel 8

Steve: (POWing with the axe) "And this!"

Panel 9

Steve: (THUNKing with the axe) "And this also!"

Panel 10

Cold Virus: (behind Steve) "Um - I'm over here..."
Steve: "I may have got a little carried away..."
Pipes for snot, earwax and bile have all been severed and fluids are rapidly running out of them.
[To be contd.]

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