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Snot storm!

Link: Comic 251

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: Unfeasible Voyage - part 2

Date: January 9, 2007

Summary: Just as the last nasal hygiene-based superheroes give up for good, Steve's actions quickly make them regret their career change.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Box-of-Tissues-Man, Hanky Boy, Cold Virus, Civilians

Onomatopoeias used: "ZUMM!", "TOSS", "GLUK", "GULP!", "FLIP!", "STRAIN!", "TURN", "DRIP!", "SPLORSH!", "SPLOO!", "FLEE", "DOOK"

Number of panels: 14


Panel 1

[Meanwhile, in a secret underground location...]
A washed-out superhero drinks depressedly as his sidekick tries to cheer him up.
Hanky Boy: "Come on Box-of-Tissues-Man! You can't give up!"
Box-of-Tissues-Man: "It's no good Hanky Boy, we have to face facts: This city doesn't need any nasal hygiene-based super heroes."

Panel 2

Hanky Boy: "But what about that coffee spill we..."
Box-of-Tissues-Man: (taking off his mask) "Damnit, that's not what I built the Tissue-Cave for! The flimsy forces of good have wiped the nose of evil for the last time..."
Box-of-Tissues-Man: "Now it's time to throw away the soggy Kleenex of Justice ... forever."

Panel 3

[Back at the home of Beaver and Steve ...]
The gigantic Beaver is standing with his right foot still in their partially demolished house.
Beaver: "Do all your plans have to involve massive property damage Steve?"
Steve: (ZUMM!ing up to Beaver in his flying submarine thing) "Look, do you want to be cured or not?"
Beaver: "Are you sure you know how to do this?"

Panel 4

Close-up of Beaver's eye with Steve's ship floating near it.
Steve: "Of course! Look, I have anatomy books and everything! I just have to navigate to your swim bladder and..."
Beaver: "Steve, that is a book of fish anatomy. I am a beaver."
Steve: "For someone so large you're awfully picky. But don't worry I'm sure one of these books must be about cobras ..."
Beaver: "Beavers!"
Steve: "Yes, yes, whatever. Now initiate insertion procedure!"

Panel 5

Beaver: "Oh well..."
Beaver TOSSes the ship in his mouth.

Panel 6

Beaver GLUKs some water and swallows the ship with a GULP!

Panel 7

[Inside ...]
Steve floats inside Beaver with his ship while reading a book about Beaver anatomy upside-down.
Steve: "This is worse than I thought - all of Beaver's organs are upside-down!"
Steve: "I'd better ask for directions ..."

Panel 8

Steve stops at a large pipe with a "SNOT" sign on it. A suspicious masked character is STRAIN!ing to turn open a valve on the pipe. Steve FLIP!s open his ship's cockpit.
Steve: "Hey, have you seen any cold viruses around here?"
Cold Virus: "What? W-Who, me? I, uh..."
Steve: "Wait ... what are you doing with that valve? ..."

Panel 9

Steve: (TURN!ing the valve himself now) "You're doing it all wrong! Let me do it!"

Panel 10

Snot starts quickly DRIP!ping from Beaver's nose.
Beaver: "Snft! Ew!"

Panel 11

[And down below...]
Beaver's snot keeps SPLORSH!ing to the ground, causing terror and panic among the civilians.
Civilian 1: "Run for your lives! It's a snot storm!"
Civilian 2: "The salty tide of doom is upon us!"

Panel 12

The duo formerly known as Hanky Boy and Box-of-Tissues-Man arrive at the scene with new names and superpowers.
Box-of-Non-Absorbent-Disposable-Gloves-Man: "Never fear citizens, for a new hero has arisen to answer your cries for help!"
Box-of-Non-Absorbent-Disposable-Gloves-Man: "I, Box-of-Non-Absorbent-Disposable-Gloves-Man, will save the day!"

Panel 13

More snot SPLOO!s to the ground as civilians FLEE from it.
Civilian: "Oh! Who will save us from this deluge of nasal mucus?"
Box-of-Non-Absorbent-Disposable-Gloves-Man: "I... Uh..."

Panel 14

Box-of-Non-Absorbent-Disposable-Gloves-Man is drinking again with the snot storm going on behind him.
[To be contd.]

Fun Facts

  • Hanky Boy's new name is not mentioned, although judging by the shirt, it probably starts with an R.
  • Due to intense wrist pain, James was unable to finish colouring this comic. A coloured version created by a fan, El-Barto, was used to replace the official version in the meantime.
  • Curiously, Beaver didn't have a hard time to find a giant glass and fill it with water to get Steve inside.



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