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Steve's atomic discombobulator in action.

Link: Comic 250

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: Unfeasible Voyage - part 1

Date: January 5, 2007

Summary: Steve prepares to help feverish Beaver with a new invention

Cast: Beaver, Steve

Onomatopoeias used: "FEVER", "KA ZAPP", "CRAASH!", "GRO-O-O-OW!"

Number of panels: 6


Panel 1

Beaver has a thermometer in his mouth, a maroon scarf and a blue compress on his head. He has a FEVER.
Beaver: "Sniff! Oh Steve I have a dreadful cold!"
Beaver: "I'll have to drink lots of fluid and get plenty of rest"
Steve: "Balderdash! I have a far simpler and more reliable remedy!"

Panel 2

Steve points to an atomic discombobulator and small submarine. The submarine has a friendly, slightly manic smile.
Steve: "Utilizing this atomic discombobulator I will drive this conveniently located vessel into your body and root out the cold at its source. I'll be done quicker than you can say 'massive internal haemorrhage'."

Panel 3

Beaver: "You're going to shrink yourself down and then pilot a miniaturised submarine into my sinus cavity? I must say I'm not entirely comfortable with that scenario.."
Steve: "Shrink myself down? Honestly Beaver, I don't know where you come up with such ridiculous notions! Of course I'm not going to shrink myself down!"
Beaver: "Oh, that's a relief!"

Panel 4

Steve stands behind the atomic discombobulator, operating red and blue levers.
The atomic discombobulator goes KA ZAPP, outlining Beaver with a yellow glow.
Steve: "Now stay very still..."
Beaver: "Gah! Steve! What are you doing??"
Steve: "Don't worry, the apparatus has been thoroughly tested..."

Panel 5

Six test subjects are shown; we might assume they were all originally rabbits.
Test subject #1 is a rabbit with a very large head.
Test subject #12 is a rabbit with very large eyes and teeth.
Test subject #26 has four tentacles and three eyes.
Test subject #43 is a rabbit with a pineapple for a head.
Test subject #118 is a rabbit that levitates surrounded by a yellow crackling aura and floating eyes.
Test subject #231 is a steaming puddle of goo.

Panel 6

Beaver GRO-O-O-OW!s up through the roof and CRAASH!es through the ceiling - only his lower body, tail and legs are visible.
Steve: "You may experience some discomfort during the atomic discombobulation process..."
Beaver: "Oh, the unimaginable pain!"
Steve: Maybe I should have done this outside..."
Beaver: "Ooh, the attic is filthy... Akh! Further pain!"

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