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Introduction scaffolding research

Association of scaffolding-related research through: the traditional scaffolding: based on the ground as the support, layer by layer up the erection, construction completion of each floor, and then take the top layer of scaffolding, and then followed by the construction, and so forth. So the only way is to remove all of it, and then in the highest floors have been built, some of steel hanging out, then the new erection. Slightly higher buildings will usually puts up twice. If the floor height to increase, it is possible to erection of 3 times, or even 4 times. Many of the traditional steel scaffolding used for high-rise building, if the erection of scaffolding up to 15 storeys, will have 15 floors of scaffolding. Demolition of traditional scaffolding is also very easy to split from the highest point since the beginning. From tens of meters high in the air, throwing the steel deepened, so that there is a big security risk, but is often damage to the pipe and scaffold boards.

Automatic lift scaffolding: the wall is built to support. Fixed height, usually 2 to 3 storeys in 4-step frame, 6 step-step shelf frame and 8. Steel it uses small number of step 4 as long as the erection of 2 storey frame of steel pipes, 6-step frame just puts up 3 floors of steel, 8-step framework is rarely used. Climb studio working principle is: the construction, on each wall of the column, according to a certain number of intervals embedded screw and nut (screw removable), in the direction of the screw fixation of a hanging pedestal, the hanging shelf climbing guide bearings installed in the middle part of the connection climb shed, but also as traditional scaffolding with steel pipes and fastener connection. This building was built no matter how high, do not have to re-erection of the frame body, the height of the frame body itself remains unchanged throughout.

Only the frame body layer by layer up raise. Therefore, the higher the buildings, automatic lift scaffolding advantage of the more reflected. Demolition of shed to climb the scaffolding than traditional demolition to be convenient and much safer. Shed can be used throughout the climb has been hanging electric hoist to the ground and then demolished.

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