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Something fishy going on here

Link: Comic 246

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: 'snow joke - part 2

Date: December 15, 2006

Summary: It's Christmas, and Beaver's snowman is alive! But something is suspect...

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Snowman

Onomatopoeias used: "CHRISTMAS CHEER!", "ALIVE!", "BURRPP!", "HMMM"

Number of panels: 9


Panel 1

It's the next morning and Steve is brimming with CHRISTMAS CHEER!
Steve: "Yay! It's Christmas!"
Beaver: (from outside) "Steve!"
Steve: "Beaver?"
Beaver: "Quick! Come out here - you have to see this!"

Panel 2

Beaver shows off his snowman, who is most definitely ALIVE!
Beaver: "Look! My snowman came to life!"
Snowman: "Hullo!"
Beaver: "It's the magic of Christmas!"

Panel 3

Steve looks at the smiling snowman.

Panel 4

Steve: (suspiciously) "You got fat."
Beaver: "Honestly Steve! That's not very nice!"
Snowman: "Can I help it if I retain a lot of water?"

Panel 5

Steve: "And where's my snowman?"
Snowman: "Oh, he, uh, came alive too, but he had to go away to, er... the north pole. Yeah."
Snowman: "For, you know, magical adventures and stuff."
Beaver: "Oh! Isn't that wonderful!"
The Snowman looks shifty indeed.

Panel 6

Suddenly the Snowman BURRPP!s up a carrot

Panel 7

Snowman: "Pardon me!"
Beaver: "Come on Steve, let's go in and have our breakfast"
Beaver: "We can come back out and play with our magical friend later"
Steve HMMMs at the carrot.
Snowman: "Oh yes! Hurry back!.."

Panel 8

The snowman looks quite evil.
Snowman: "...I'll be waaaaaiiting... He he he he..."

Panel 9

The snowman is alone in the garden
Snowman: "..."
Snowman: "... Though since I don't have any legs I don't really have much choice..."
[To be contd.]

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