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======Panel 12======
======Panel 12======
Still the same pose, but now the star POIT!s off its chest.
Still the same pose, but now the star POIT!s off the wish fairy's chest, making it go "Ouch."
======Panel 13======
======Panel 13======

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Link: Comic 245

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: 'snow joke - part 1

Date: December 12, 2006

Summary: Beaver and Steve make snowmen

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Christmas Fairy

Onomatopoeias used: "NNGGKK...", "POIT!", "WISHES!"

Number of panels: 13


Panel 1

Beaver and Steve are building snowmen. Both wear a snow cap and scarf. Beaver's is blue and purple, while Steve's is orange and yellow.
Beaver's snowman has three parts, the bottom, the torso, and the head. A red/maroon scarf is worn by it. It has arms that are similar to Beaver's, six coal bits for the mouth, two for the eyes, a green tophat (with a red/maroon strip), and a pipe in the right side of the mouth.
Steve's snowman is a mutant. It has three eyes, and a carrot nose. One arm is in the proper position, but the other is on the top. His is just a pile of snow, other than the decorations.
Breath clouds form from Beaver and Steve's mouths.
Beaver: "Oh boy! Could there be any better way to spend Christmas Eve than building snowmen? I don't think so!"

Panel 2

Somehow the snowmen are next to each other now, and the pipe is on the left side of the mouth.
Beaver: "They look so alive don't they Steve? Wouldn't it just be splendid if they really were!"

Panel 3

A view looking upwards shows Beaver's snowman looming over Steve. The pipe is on the right side of the mouth again.
Steve looks slightly frightened, or shy. That, or slightly frustrated.
Steve: "Y-yes Beaver..."
Steve: "Splendid..."

Panel 4

Beaver and Steve are walking back into the house now.
Beaver seems to be frowning.
Beaver: "Come on Steve, it's time for bed. Are you excited about tomorrow?"
Steve is wide-eyed.
Steve: "If my excitement were matter it would collapse into a singularity under its own immensity."
Beaver: "Sigh... I wish they really would come to life..."

Panel 5

Beavers wish floats as white text within white lines towards a star, which is emphasized by white marks.

Panel 6

The emphasized star turns out to be the Wish Fairy. He is snoring, producing an ZZZZ sound.
The floating wish: "I wish-"

Panel 7

Wish Fairy: "Oh! A Christmas wish!"
The floating wish: "-they really w-"

Panel 8

The Fairy bites its lower lip.
Wish Fairy: "Atlast!"

Panel 9

The Wish Fairy curls up and goes NNGGKK...

Panel 10

Stars fly from the Fairy, who has outstretched hands, and is smiling widely.
The words WISH POWER and ACTIVATE! are on the panel with a star on the side of each line.

Panel 11

The Fairy has the same pose as before.

Panel 12

Still the same pose, but now the star POIT!s off the wish fairy's chest, making it go "Ouch."

Panel 13

The Fairy salutes the falling star, which now has a face. The star falls with WISHES!.
Wish Fairy: "God speed little wish, God speed!"
Wish Fairy: "...I hope that's going to grow back..."

Fun Facts

  • The Christmas Fairy (Or wish-fairy, I'm not sure which) has a heart on its one attenna.
  • The star on the Fairy's belly is used to grant wishes. By falling off and to the ground.


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