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Link: Comic 242

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: in which Beaver gives career advice to a mythical beast

Date: December 1, 2006

Summary: Beaver and Steve meet the minotaur.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Minotaur

Onomatopoeias used: "KNIT", "GRRRR", "POUNCE!", "PLOP!", "FUMBLE"

"Fin" style: Bird's-eye view of a labrynth

Number of panels: 10


Panel 1

Steve is following Beaver as they walk through a tan-ish stone hall. Two torches are on the wall in the backround.
Beaver: "Wow! I can't believe we're actually here in the legendary Labyrinth of Minos!"
Beaver: "Atleast with this ball of twine we won't get lost!"
Beaver is holding a ball of twine, which Steve is using to KNIT a red sweater with a pigeon on it.

Panel 2

The two pass a dark passage from which someone's eyes are looking at them. The owner of the eyes makes a GRRRR... sound.
Beaver: "We'll be fine as long as we don't run into the terrifying half-man half-bull monster that guards it: the legendary Minotaur!"
In Beaver's speech bubble is an illustrated equation: (Man + Bull) / 2 = Trouble!
Beaver: "But don't worry, that's only a myth!"

Panel 3

The owner of the eyes POUNCE!s out from the shadows, revealing that he actually is the legendary Minotaur, who has a floating hat and wears a red bow.
Minotaur: "Yah! I am the terrifying Minotaur!"
Beaver and Steve are both surprised. Beaver loses hold of the ball and Steve the sweater.
Beaver: "Oh! I am horrified and dissappointed in equal measure!"
Minotaur: "Grr!"

Panel 4

Beaver is hesitant, the Minotaur's expression of anger lessens just a bit, and Steve seems to be frowning discontentedly.
The sweater and ball of twine are nowhere to be found.

Panel 5

Minotaur looks down and frowns. Steve appears to be growing a bit frustrated.
Minotaur: "I'm sorry, my heart's just not in this..."
Beaver: "That's OK! Perhaps it's time you considered a switch into a new career outside of the maze monster industry? A poet maybe? Or an orthodontist?"
Minotaur: "I guess I... No, it's silly..."
Beaver: "It's OK, you can tell us..."
Minotaur: "Well, I suppose ever since I was little I've always wanted to be... to be a..."

Panel 6

A though bubble pops up above Minotaur's head, and his hat flies upwards. He smiles widely.
The thought bubble shows Minotaur with red wings, flying above a city. He's breathing out fire and some of the towers are on fire.
Minotaur (in bubble): "Rar!"
Minotaur (outside bubble): "...Dragon!"

Panel 7

Beaver: "Well, um, best of luck with that..."
Minotaur's hat PLOP!s onto the floor.
Minotaur: "Oh!"

Panel 8

Beaver and Steve begin to walk through the passage Minotaur POUNCED! out of in panel 3.
Minotaur has three sweat drops flying from his head as he FUMBLEs trying to pick up his hat with his hooves. He is also sticking his tongue out and raising one eyebrow in determination.

Panel 9

Minotaur gives up and gestures with his fore-left hoof.
Minotaur: "I don't suppose you could help me to..."
He realizes Beaver and Steve left.
Minotaur: "Oh."

Panel 10

Minotaur lies down, crossing his forehooves. His hat is still on the floor.
Minotaur: "Sigh..."
Minotaur: "Rar! Flame! Sizzle!"

Fun Facts

  • When Steve drops the sweater, the image of the duck is no longer there. It could be just because the sweater flipped around, though.
  • The function for finding out if something is the Minotaur is "(Man + Bull) / 2".
  • The Minotaur in this comic, rather than being a bull with man-like features, looks more like a centaur with bull-like qualities and no arms.


  • In the Greek story of Theseus, the eponymous hero uses a ball of twine to be able to slay the Minotaur and escape the Cretian Labyrinth.
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