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Beaver and Steve flee a highly disagreeable situation.

Link: Comic 239

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: ex-stinked - part 2

Date: November 17, 2006

Summary: Beaver and Steve make a desperate escape from the zombie dinosaurs!

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Zombie Dinosaurs, Future Scientist, Museum Patrons, Moustache Guy (as a Museum Patron)

Onomatopoeias used: "SCOOT!", "CRASH!", "WUM!", "FOSSILIZE!", "LAPIDIFY!", "SPIN!", "VIBRATE", "RATTLE", "WORRNK!", "CRAASH!", "SMASH!", "PANIC", "FLEE!"

"Fin" style: Written with dinosaur bones.

Number of panels: 8


Panel 1

Beaver and Steve are chased by zombie dinosaurs.
Steve: "Quick Beaver! To the time machine!"
Beaver: "This is a highly disagreeable situation."
Beaver SCOOT!s along at a brisk pace, trying to keep up with Steve.

Panel 2

Beaver and Steve arrive at a 1960s sci-fi style round red TIME-O-POD.
Beaver: "We're here - But we'll never get the machine started before the zombie dinosaurs catch us!"
Steve: "Don't worry Beaver I brought along my newest invention for just such an evtuality..."

Panel 3

Beaver: "Coo!"
Steve: "It will turn their bones to solid rock, making it impossible for them to move!"
Steve fires the ray gun at the dinosaurs with a WUM!
The dinosaurs immediately begin to FOSSILIZE! and LAPIDIFY!

Panel 4

Steve: "Of course, the effects are only temporary..."
Beaver: "Oh no! How long have we got?"
Steve: "Only about 65 million years."
Beaver: "We'd better hurry!"

Panel 5

Beaver and Steve are now seated snugly within the Time-o-Pod.
Steve: "Flux Capacitor charged and ready..."
Beaver: "Wait a minute! This isn't the time machine we came in..."
The antennae on top of the Time-o-Pod begin to SPIN! while the machine VIBRATEs and RATTLEs with energy.
Steve: "No time to be picky! Initiating Tipler Cylinder Nudge..."

Panel 6

The Time-o-Pod disappears with a WORRNK!
Future Scientist: "Um... oh dear"

Panel 7

[About 65 million years later...]
Steve: "We made it! And with absolutely no unforseen reprocussions whatsoever!"
Beaver: "Hmm... but somehow I can't shake the feeling we're forgetting something..."

Panel 8

Steve: "Gadzooks! You're right!"
Steve: "I left my sandwiches in the cretaceous era! No!"
The fossilized remains of dinosaurs CRAASH! and SMASH! through the doors of a natural history museum, causing the patrons to PANIC and FLEE!
Museum Patron: "Aah! The re-animated skeletons of zombified dinosaurs! My greatest fear!"

Fun Facts

  • Steve retrieves a Fossilization Ray from the Time-o-Pod, claiming it to be his latest invention. Since Beaver and Steve flee in a different time machine than the one they came in, the ray gun is actually stolen from someone in the future, just like so many of Steve's other "inventions".
  • On the wall of the museum are some stone face-like designs. From left to right they are: a cat; a monkey who is frowning; a fish facing stage right; a fish facing stage left; and Count Dracula.
  • Steve seems to have the ability to determine the function and details of other people's inventions by simply looking at them. Although he may not be as great an inventor as once thought, he is still clearly more intelligent than your average reptile.


  • The line "This is a highly disagreeable situation" originates from Comic 100.
  • The line "Aah! The re-animated skeletons of zombified dinosaurs! My greatest fear!" is a reference to the line "Aaah! A giant cockroach with a persecution complex... My greatest fear!" in Comic 59.
  • The Flux capacitor is a reference to a time machine component in the Back to the Future movies.
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