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Link: Comic 237

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: little red riding Steve - part 2

Date: November 10, 2006

Summary: Steve is forced to eat Timmy the Turnip, who is saved by a woodcutter.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Woodcutter, Timmy the Turnip

Onomatopoeias used: "WHAMM!", "KICK!", "RGGLL!", "SWALLOW!", "SHRUG", "CHOP!,"

"Fin" style: Fin in pink capitals with F chopped in half, top half lying on the floor.

Number of panels: 9


Panel 1

The Woodcutter KICK!s the door in and WHAMM!s the hinges off.
Woodcutter: "Never fear! For I, a kindly woodcutter, have heard your cries for help!"
Woodcutter: "I'll soon save you from..."

Panel 2

The Woodcutter looks on as Steve struggles and RGGLL!s with Timmy the Turnip.
Timmy the Turnip: "Eat me!"
Timmy the Turnip: "Digest my starchy flesh!"

Panel 3

Woodcutter consults his Woodcutters Handbook.
Woodcutter: "Hmm..."
Timmy the Turnip (off, right): "Bring forth the amylase!"

Panel 4

Steve SWALLOW!s Timmy the Turnip, except for an arm sticking out of his mouth.
The Woodcutters book shows two pages, Good things, Little Red Riding Hood, One of the Three Little Pigs, a fairy and a Mallard Duck.
Opposite the page shows Big/Bad things, The Big Bad Wolf, a panda, an ogre and a witch.

Panel 5

Having failed to find Steve in his book, the Woodcutter SHRUGs and CHOP!s Steve in half revealing Timmy the Turnip
Steve: "Ouch"
Timmy the Turnip: "Hey! Some of us are trying to be dissolved in gastric juices here!"

Panel 6

The Woodcutter holds Timmy the Turnip up in the classic Hamlet / Yorick pose.
Woodcutter: "There, you're safe now, little... uh... girl?"
Timmy the Turnip: "My how big and strong you are..."
Timmy the Turnip: "You must have to eat a carefully balanced diet..."
Woodcutter: "Of course"
Timmy the Turnip: "Swoon!"

Panel 7

The Woodcutter and Timmy the Turnip leave through the smashed door, leaving Steve's dismembered corpse on the threshold.
Timmy the Turnip: "I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship..."
Woodcutter: "Perhaps it is time this old woodsman found someone to share his lonely old cottage with..."
Timmy the Turnip: "How about you invite me round... For dinner..."

Panel 8

Beaver appears, holding a frilly nightcap.
Beaver: "Steve! What's the front door doing off its hinges? And why does my nightcap smell of turnips? Honestly, I get a little cold and the whole place goes to pot."
Steve: "Sorry Beaver"
Beaver: "And please don't leave your severed abdomen lying around. Someone could trip over it."

Panel 9

Steve: "Sigh.."
Steve reaches into his severed abdomen and pulls out a cup cake.
Steve: "Oh, hey! This thing is full of food!"

Fun Facts

Pandas appear in Woodcutters Handbooks as Big/Bad.
Steve doesn't appear to digest his food at all as he can retrieve uneaten cup cakes from his innards.
Steve is able to survive dismemberment as well as all the other things the previously should have killed him.



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