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Steve is a professional frolicker.

Link: Comic 236

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: little red riding steve - part 1

Date: November 7, 2006

Summary: Steve take a trip to gram.. er.. to Beaver's house.

Cast: Steve, Timmy the Turnip

Onomatopoeias used: "SKIP!", "FROLIC!", "WHAMM!", "LEAP"

Number of panels: 7


Panel 1

Steve SKIP!s and FROLIC!s through the woods on his way to Beaver's House, as indicated by a sign in the background. He is wearing a Little Red Riding Hood-style hood and carrying a basket, presumably full of goodies.

Panel 2

Steve kicks the door to the house open with a WHAMM!
Steve: "Hey Beaver! I hurried over as soon as I heard you were sick!"
Steve: "I almost didn't make it though - I met some sort of root vegetable in the woods that tried to get me to eat it. Ew!"

Panel 3

Steve walks up to the bed, which contains Timmy the Turnip in a sleeping cap.

Panel 4

Steve: "Ooh - What thick white skin you have Beaver..."
Timmy the Turnip: "All the better to protect me from garden pests, my dear."

Panel 5

Steve: "And my, how rich in folate you are, Beaver..."
Timmy the Turnip: "All the better to metabolize homocysteine with, my dear."

Panel 6

Steve: "And oh, what easily digestible long-chain carbohydrates you contain, Beaver..."
Timmy the Turnip: "All the better to..."

Panel 7

Timmy LEAP!s out of the bed, tossing the sleeping cap off, flying at Steve.
Timmy the Turnip: " me all up! YAAAA!"
Steve: "NOOO!"
Steve: "They will release energy slowly throughout the day! The horror!"

Fun Facts

  • Steve knows the nutritional facts about turnips and can spot them with only his eyes-even when he doesn't know it's a turnip.


This storyline is an homage to the classic folktale, Little Red Riding Hood.

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