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Use of mobile scaffolding safety and reliability

Within the past decade Japan has not produced because of the quality of mobile scaffolding casualties, at present, the scaffolding technology and quality management, etc., China and Japan, there are more poor minister. Therefore, we have to actively develop and promote the use of new mobile scaffolding, scaffolding techniques to improve the level, on the other hand to strengthen the production, leasing and construction supervision and management of enterprises, to ensure the safety of construction scaffolding.

Recommended for this country should do the following work to ensure the safety of mobile scaffolding and reliability:

1, businesses and government organizations concerned on the pipe, fasteners and mobile scaffolding plant product quality supervision and management to grasp the source of substandard products, the severe correction and punishment. Proposed products of poor quality, low level of technology, production conditions of the manufacturers do not have the exposure and timely warning, if necessary, ordered to suspend production for rectification. Reasonable production process, product quality, strong technical force of the manufacturers, product certification or quality issue certification. Different companies handling different situations, so that rewards and punishment to ensure the smooth progress of the work.

2, to develop professional mold company. Professional development is conducive to mold the company to promote the application of new mold and improve construction speed and quality of construction; is conducive to full use of construction equipment to improve the effect of mold used; help improve the level of construction technology, training of skilled construction team; help improve the operation construction workers, the environment, to ensure that mold construction safety. Mold in the development of professional companies, also face institutional, management, marketing and other issues to be addressed. With the construction enterprise restructuring, and believe it will also appear various types of mold professional company, mold engineering specialization will be the future trend of development. States should encourage mold reasonable production company, according to certain criteria and methods of production and processing, to improve the level of China's mold.

3, the strict supervision of the construction enterprises must buy a "product certificate" manufacturers of steel, fasteners, and scaffolding, to hire a quality assurance and testing certificates mold in order to block the flow channels of substandard products. Recommended the establishment of project quality supervision system mold by the quality supervision department is responsible for mold used in the construction of quality supervision, there is no "product certification" and the test certificate, does not meet the quality requirements and mold construction safety, the right to instruct construction companies to stop using,

4, to strengthen the management of leasing, leasing companies must be strict supervision of a "product certification" of the manufacturers to buy steel, fasteners, and scaffolding, not from the construction business and used goods market to buy steel and fasteners, organization of regular staff leasing companies focus on quality testing, should be promptly discarded unqualified. Proposed a new active scaffolding leasing business, to help construction companies to promote the application of new scaffolding, mobile scaffolding to improve the level of applied technology and security.

Mobile scaffolding needed for construction and production methods and processes according to the corresponding, according to the four proposals for production and production, to ensure that mobile scaffolding technology and quality standards. When moving scaffolding in the selection of manufacturers to use scaffolding for the regular use of the scaffolding on the purchase of an effective and reasonable checks to ensure the quality of its use.

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