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Link: Comic 234

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: the Curse of the Hallowe'enies

Date: October 31, 2006

Summary: Steve plans to sell some creations, but Beaver decides he shouldn't.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, The Hallowe'enies, Mini-Santas

Onomatopoeias used: "TWITCH!", "REVEAL!", "BRGL", "GNAW", "SPLUT!", "POOF"

"Fin" style: Pink letters with faces (possibly genetically engineered).

Number of panels: 9


Panel 1
beaver & steve



Panel 2

Steve is holding a brown bag with a couple of bulges in it. The bag TWITCH!es.
Beaver: "Hey Steve, what are you doing this brisk All-Hallows Eve?"
Steve: "I am working on a plan to make us extremely rich"
Steve: "With SCIENCE"

Panel 3

Beaver has his hands on his hips, frowning.
Beaver: "But that's what you said about the Elk-Magnet. What are you doing this time?"
Steve raises a finger, pointing out his answer.
Steve: "To cash in on the marketability of cute things and the seasonal disposeability of Hallowe'en I have created..."

Panel 4

Steve opens the bag to REVEAL! a Mini Dracula, Mini Frankenstein, and some sort of purple blob with three eyes.
Mini Dracula: "Blaa?"
Beaver: "They are adorably terrifying."

Panel 5

Beaver lifts the purple blob thing with makes BRGLing sounds.
Beaver: "How exactly did you 'make' these steve?"
Steve: "With the power of GENETICAL ENGINEERING!" (a wrench and DNA strand appear on the left of the speech bubble and a saw and DNA strand on the right)
Beaver: "I have to admit this mutant alien is pretty good though."

Panel 6

Steve: "Actually that one was meant to be the Wolf-Man, it came out sort of... wrong..."
Beaver drops the blobby wolf-man while Steve is talking.
Beaver: "Ew!"
Blobby Wolf-Man SPLUT!s on the floor.
Blobby Wolf-Man: "Awooooogll"
Steve: "Genes are really fiddly you know."
Steve illustrates how small genes are with his fingers.
Mini Dracula GNAWs Beaver's tail.

Panel 7

Beaver holds up a finger in the 'Nuh-uh, you don't' gesture, with dissapointment lines beside his head towards Steve.
Mini Dracula POOFs into a bat, and the blobby wolf-man is nearly flat against the floor now.
Beaver: "This just goes to show: You shouldn't meddle with the (super)natural order."
Beaver: "No more genetically modified seasonal pets, ok Steve?"
Steve: "Ok Beaver..."

Panel 8

Steve walks to stage left, frowning. The edge of a cage can be seen.
Beaver (off-stage): "Ew, I have GM Wolfman all over my hands..."
Steve: "Sigh"

Panel 9

Steve holds a yellow bottle titled POISON. There is a red skull 'n bones below the name wearing a santa cap. In front of Steve is a cage full of GM Santa minies.
Steve: "Don't worry guys, it's time to sleep now..."
Santa Hallowe'eny: "Ho ho ho?"

Fun Facts

  • Steve created a whole batch of santas, while there is only one real one. There are many vampires (though only one Dracula), 'wolfmen' and golems.
  • The can of poison Steve holds in the ninth panel has a red skull 'n bones wearing a santa hat.
  • Beaver was bitten on the tail by GM Dracula.



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