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Link: Comic 234

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: the Curse of the Hallowe'enies

Date: October 31, 2006

Summary: Steve plans to sell some creations, but Beaver decides he shouldn't.

Cast: Beaver, Steve

Onomatopoeias used: "TWITCH!", "REVEAL!", "BRGL", "GNAW", "SPLUT!", "POOF"

"Fin" style: Pink letters with faces.

Number of panels: 9


Panel 1

The title of the page is shown here.

"beaver & steve


Panel 2

Steve is holding a brown bage with a couple of bulges in it. The bag TWITCH!es.
Beaver: "Hey Steve, what are you doing this brisk All-Hallows Eve?"
Steve: "I am working on a plan to make us extremely rich"
Steve: "With SCIENCE"

Panel 3

Beaver has his hands on his hips, frowning.
Beaver: "But that's what you said about the Elk-Magnet. What are you doing this time?"
Steve raises a finger, pointing out his answer.
Steve: "To cash in on the marketability of cute things and the seasonal disposeability of Hallowe'en I have created..."

Panel 4

Steve opens the bag to REVEAL! a Mini Dracula, Mini Frankenstine, and some sort of purple blob with three eyes.
Mini Dracula: "Blaa?"
Beaver: "They are adorable terrifying."

Panel 5

Beaverlifts the purple blob thing with makes BRGLing sounds.
Beaver: "How exactly did you 'make' these steve?"
Steve: "With the power of" a wrench and DNA strand appear on the left of the speech bubble and a saw and DNA strand on the right, "Genetical Engineering!"
Beaver: "I have to admit this mutant alien is pretty good though."

Panel 6

Steve: "Actually that one was meant to be the wolf-man, it came out sort of... wrong..."
Beaver drops the blobby wolf-man while steve is talking, and Steve measures with his fingers how much it shrank.
Beaver: "Ew!"
BLobby Wolf-Man SPLUT!s on the floor.
Blobby Wolf-Man: "Awooooog..."
Mini Dracula GNAWs Beaver's tail.
Steve: "Genes are really fiddly you know."

Panel 7

Beaver holds up a finger in the 'Nuh-uh, you don't' gesture, with dissapointment lines beside his head towards Steve.
Mini Dracula POOFs into a bat, and the blobby wolf-man is nearly flat against the floor now.
Beaver: "This just goes to show: You shouldn't meddle with the (super)natural order."
Beaver: "No more genetically modified seasonal pets, ok Steve?"
Steve: "Ok Beaver..."

Panel 8

Steve walks to stage left, frowning. The edge of a cage can be seen.
Beaver (off-stage): "Ew, I have GM Wolfman all over my hands..."
Steve: "Sigh"

Panel 9

Steve holds a yellow bottle titled POISON. There is a red skull 'n bones below the name wearing a santa cap. In front of Steve is a cage full of GM Santa minies.
Steve: "Don't worry guys, it's time to sleep now..."
Santa Hallowe'eny: "Ho ho ho?"

Fun Facts

Steve created a whole batch of santas, while there is only one real one. There are many vampires (though only one Dracula), 'wolfmen' and golems.
The can of poison Steve holds in the ninth panel has a red skull 'n bones wearing a santa hat.



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