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Link: Comic 233

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: coma-geddon - part 4

Date: October 27, 2006

Summary: Rupert T. Roach explains the Etiquette of a Time Paradox.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Rupert T. Roach, The Creator, Cyborg Rupert

Onomatopoeias used: "BLUSH!", "INTERCEPT!", "KA-ZAP!"

"Fin" style: In place of number 9 on a clock

Number of panels: 6


Panel 1

Past Beaver: "Ok, but if you're my future self, shouldn't my recovery prevent you from ever having travelled back in time and causing Steve to awaken me in the first place?"
Future Beaver BLUSH!es.
Future Beaver: "Oh No! I've created a paradox!"
Future Beaver: "...How embarassing!"
Steve: "Tsk!"
Steve: "Some people!"

Panel 2

Rupert T. Roach: "Indeed! T'would seem our erstwhile hero has committed a most grevious temporal faux-pas! The indignity!"
Rupert T. Roach: "In order that you, esteemed reader should not fall afoul of such shameful gaucherie, I will now endeavour to instruct you in the age-old rules of TIME-TRAVEL ETIQUETTE."

Panel 3

Rupert T. Roach (Narrating): "1) When traversing in either direction in the temporal continuum the considerate traveller will always pause to consider the possible paradoxical consequences of his or her actions."
A future Steve is shooting a laser beam at a past Steve with a KA-ZAP!
Future Steve: "Killing my past self is the only way to save the future!"
A Steve from an unknown time period INTERCEPT!s the laser beam to save the past Steve.
Steve: "Noo! My future-self is the only one who can save the past!"
Steve: "AKH!"
Past Steve: "...I'm not even going to try to work this one out."

Panel 4

Rupert T. Roach (Narrating): "2) It is presumptuous to be overly familiar with one's past or future self. Just because you are constructed from the same matter is no excuse for impropriety."
Future Beaver is trying to high-five Past Beaver.
Future Beaver: "Hey, Past-Me, high-five!"
Past Beaver: "At what point in the future do I learn those manners?"

Panel 5

Rupert T. Roach (Narrating): "3) And finally, in the case of universal implosion always be polite to the creator."
Steve: "...They just have these stupid black eyes and they eat bamboo all day. I mean, seriously, what were you thinking?"
The Creator looks annoyed.
The Creator: "Well how many space-time continua have you created lately?"

Panel 6

Rupert T. Roach: "So there you have it: Just follow these simple rules and you shall find yourself welcomed to any social gathering throughout eternity!"
Future Cyborg Rupert (with an electronic monocle and one metallic claw): "Capital!"

Fun Facts

  • The creator has three heads... Maybe that's why life is so confusing?
  • Rupert T. Roach is a trans-dimensional being.


  • Steve's complaint to The Creator is another example of proof for his hatred of Pandas.
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