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Doesn't look like anything unfeasible could possibly happen anytime soon.

Link: Comic 232

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: coma-geddon - part 3

Date: October 24, 2006

Summary: Beaver gets busted out of prison by past Steve and returns to the past... I mean, present!

Cast: Beaver, Past Steve, Past Beaver

Onomatopoeias used: "WORNK!", "SHOOOK!", "COMATOSE!", "FIDDLE", "BZAPP!,"

Number of panels: 9


Panel 1

Beaver is sitting in a future prison cell drinking future tea from a future cup and eating a future digestive.
Beaver: "Well, here I am, trapped in the future awaiting pulverization at the hands of evil robots (from the future) for a crime I didn't commit..."
Beaver: "Still things could be worse - atleast this future-tea is delicious!"
A familiar WORNK! can be heard from outside the cell.
Beaver: "Oh! What was that?"

Panel 2

Past Steve is outside Beaver's cell with a futuristic device and we see the time portal from Episode 112!
Beaver: "Past Steve? Is that you? You've got to get me out of here!"
Past Steve: "Beaver?"
Past Steve: "What are you doing in the future?"

Panel 3

The cell door opens with a futuristic SHOOOK!
Beaver: "I've been in a 1000-year coma!"
Past Steve: "That cound explain why you haven't done the dishes in two months.."
Beaver: "It's stupendously fortuitous that you were around!... But what are you doing here anyway?"

Panel 4

Past Steve: "Oh, I was just, you know, passing through.."
Beaver: "Wait a minute, you're not stealing future technologies to pass off as your own inventions in the past again are you? How many times do I have to tell you??"

Panel 5

Beaver gets ready to pass through the time portal.
Past Steve: "What? No! Of course not! No, I totally invented this, um, future thingie all by myself!"
Beaver: "We'll discuss this later, in the past. Or possibly earlier, in the present. Whichever comes first."

Panel 6

Back in the present... or... past... We see Past Beaver lying in his bed as he is struck by COMATOSE.
We can also see the time Machine, which we recognise from Episode 41!
Beaver: "Oh, hey look, it's my past self! I wonder how I got myself into that coma anyway?"
Present Steve: "I have no idea..."
A 'Bag o' hammers' can be seen behind the time portal.

Panel 7

Beaver: "Well, I'm back home now, and as long as we don't do anything to wake up my past self from the coma for the next thousand years, everything should be ok!"
Steve FIDDLEs with the future device.

Panel 8

The future device goes off and BZAPPs Past Beaver, waking him up!
Past Beaver: "Oh! I am awake!"

Panel 9

Beaver, who is now actually future beaver but shall be referred to as just Beaver: "..."
Beaver: "Well, this is a little awkward..."
Steve from the present time: "Hmf... I was hoping it would blow stuff up.."
[To be contd.!]

Fun Facts

  • A robotic mouse can be seen under Beaver's bench in the first panel.
  • Everything in the future has antennaes.
  • Steve probably steals things from the future more often.
  • I assume Steve beat Beaver with the hammers from the 'bag o' hammers', but there is no physical damage on Beaver.


  • The Time Machine has been seen many times before.
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