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Evil Robots from the future are cruel and evil

Link: Comic 231

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: coma-geddon - part 2

Date: October 20, 2006

Summary: The evil robots from the future show up for organ harvesting

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Evil Robot From The Future

Onomatopoeias used: "GRRR!", "CRUNNNCH!", "SQUEEZE"

Number of panels: 9


Panel 1

Beaver: "So what else has happened while I've been in a coma?"
Steve: "The Earth was enslaved by a race of Sentient Evil Mutant Space Potatoes!"
The image of an evil mutant space potato appears with a GRRR!
Steve's beard is a long grey chin curtain.

Panel 2

Beaver: "OH NO!"
Steve: "Oh don't worry, they're long gone now."
Steve's beard is now a moustache.

Panel 3

Beaver: ""Phew! You had me worried there!"
Steve: "Yes, once the Infinitely More Cruel Evil Robots From The Future took over they soon got rid of the potatoes..."
Steve's beard is now a brown petite goatie.

Panel 4

With a CRUNNNCH! an Evil Robot From The Future comes through the wall.
Evil Robot From the Future: "Puny flesh creatures! This is a routine organ harvest! Remain calm. Do not attempt to stimulate your primitive adrenal glands."

Panel 5

Steve: "Oh no! What do we do Future Steve?"
Beaver: "Don't worry Beaver, I'll handle it! Just hold on to this future-receptacle"
Steve, now sporting a short boxed beard, hands Beaver a future receptacle.
Beaver: "That's a cooler box"
Steve: "A future cooler box!"

Panel 6

Evil Robot From the Future: "So feeble organic lifeform, do you have any organs to harvest?"
Steve opens up his body to show his organs has been replaced by clockwork.
Steve: "Not me, I've gone clockwork. You might want to check the beaver though"
Steve's beard is now a Napoleon III imperial, or perhaps a fu manchu.

Panel 7

Evil Robot From the Future: "What about you, puny... Saaay... What's in that future receptacle?"
Beaver: "Um.."

Panel 8

The Evil Robot From the Future opens the future receptacle.
Evil Robot From the Future: "LIVERS! So you're the organ smuggler we've been looking for!"

Panel 9

Evil Robot From the Future: "Do you know how many starving evil robots this much liver juice could have lubricated? Your filthy organic greed is overloading my disgust circuits!"
Steve: "For shame!"
Evil Robot From the Future: "Take him to the detention centre to await pulverization!"
Steve's beard is now a what appears to be an anchor.

Fun Facts

  • The futuristic nantochnology allows Steve's facial hair to reconfigure automatically according to his moods.
  • Steve, having given Beaver the future-receptacle, is probably the organ smuggler.


  • The Evil Robot may be the same kind that troubled Beaver and Steve in Comic 133.
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