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Cruel, evil robots form the future are cruel and evil

Link: Comic 231

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: coma-geddon - part 2

Date: October 20, 2006

Summary: The cruel evil robots show up for organ harvesting

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Cruel Evil Robot from the future

Onomatopoeias used: "GRRR!", "CRUNNNCH!", "SQUEEZE"

"Fin" style: to be cont!

Number of panels: 9


Panel 1

Beaver: "So w�hat else has happende while I've been in a coma?"
Steve: "The earth was enslaved by a race of sentient evil mutant space potatoes!"
The image of an evil mutant space potato appears wit a GRRR!.
Steves beard is a long grey chin curtain.

Panel 2

Beaver: "OH NO!"
Steve: "Oh don't worry, they're long gone now."
Steves beard is now a moustache.

Panel 3

Beaver: ""Phew! You had me worried there!"
Steve: "Yes, once the infinetely more cruel evel robots form the future took over they soon got rid of the potatoes..."
Steves beard is now a brown petite goatie.

Panel 4

With a CRUNNNCH! a cruel evil robot from the future comes through the wall.
Cruel evil robot form the future: "Puny flesh creatures! This is a routine organ harvest! Remain calm. Do not attempt to stimulate your primitive adrenal glands."

Panel 5

Steve: "Oh no! What do we do future Steve?"
Beaver: "Don't worry Beaver, I'll handle it! Just hold on to this future-receptacle"
Steve, now sporting a short boxed beard, hands Beaver a future receptacle.
Beaver: "That's a cooler box"
Steve: "A future cooler box!"

Panel 6

Cruel evil robot form the future: "So feeble organic lifeform, do you have any organs to harvest?"
Steve: "Not me, I've gone clockwork. You might want to check the beaver though"
Steve opens up his body to show his organs has been replaced by clockwork.
Steves beard is now a Napoleaon III imperial.

Panel 7

Cruel evil robot form the future: "What about you, puny... Saaay... What's in that future receptacle?"
Beaver: "Um.."

Panel 8

The cruel evil robot form the future opens the future receptacle
Cruel evil robot form the future: "LIVERS! So you're the organ smuggler we've been looking for!"

Panel 9

Cruel evil robot form the future: "Do you know how many starving evil robots this much liver juice could have lubricated? Your filthy organic greed is overloading my disgust circuits!"
Steve: "For shame!"
Cruel evil robot form the future: : "Take him to the detention centre to await pulverization!"
Steves beard is now a what appears to be an anchor.

Fun Facts

According to comic 222 the future is inhabited by Future Jellyfish



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