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Beaver gives some sage advice on bear behavior

Link: Comic 229

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: bear-baiting

Date: October 13, 2006

Summary: Beaver and Steve go on a nature hike, and meet some wild bears.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Bears

Onomatopoeias used: "NYAHH!, "TOOT", "LIFT!", "DROP!", "GRRRRR...", "ROAR!", "AAAH!", "MAUL!", "REND!", "MY DUODENUM!"

"Fin" style: "F" and "N" are a mother and baby bear, with a pink "I" in the middle, with panic lines

Number of panels: 11


Panel 1

Beaver (with a backpack) and Steve are walking through a forest, and come across some bears.
Beaver: "Ah, there's nothing like a nice walk in the forest to make one appreciate the tranquil majesty of nature!"
Steve: "Oh no! Look Beaver! Bears!"

Panel 2

Beaver: "Don't worry Steve, we'll be quite safe as long as we don't get between the mother bear and her cub."
Steve: "Hmm... Really?"

Panel 3

Beaver: "Steve!"
Steve runs up to the mother bear, and NYAHH!s at her, though she doesn't react at all.

Panel 4

Steve TOOT TOOTs a bugle at the bear while holding up an ALL BEARS ARE SISSIES sign. The bear continues to ignore him.

Panel 5

Zoom out a little, so that the cub is visible as well.
Steve climbs up on a stool and puts some glasses and a small dunce cap on the mother bear, who still doesn't make a move.

Panel 6

Zoom out more, now showing Beaver, Steve, and the two bears. Steve is faced right but his eyes are pointed left, at Beaver.
Steve: "Well, I guess you were right, Beaver"

Panel 7

Steve's eyes turn to the bears.

Panel 8

Steve walks around to the right hand side and LIFT!s the bear cub.
Steve: "Hrnk!"

Panel 9

Steve walks back to the left hand side, on the far side of Beaver, and DROP!s the cub on that side.

Panel 10

A dotted line points out that Beaver is now between the bear and her cub, and the mother bear GRRRRR...s at Beaver angrily.
Beaver (in small text): "Oh dear"

Panel 11

Steve winces as the bears ROAR!, and Beaver goes AAAH! as the bears MAUL! and REND! him offpanel. Beaver shouts out about MY DUODENUM! as well.
Steve: "Ah, the tranquil majesty of nature..."

Fun Facts

  • The ground in this comic was not originally intended to be covered in snow as James had not got around to finishing the grass due to a migraine.
    • After a long, hard fight with the fanbase (or more like two forum posts and James agreeing to doing less work [1]), he agreed not to finish the comic as originally intended and leave the snow.
  • You will be quite safe from mother bears so long as you do not get between them and their cubs.
  • Bears either cannot read, or do not mind people proclaiming that all bears are sissies.


  • The duodenum is the first and shortest portion of the small intestine.
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