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Steve lends his tools to a crow

Link: Comic 228

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: nothing to crow about

Date: October 10, 2006

Summary: Beaver studies up on birds, while Steve lends some his toolbox.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Crows

Onomatopoeias used: "FLIP", "FLAP", "CAW", "FLAPP"

"Fin" style: Written on the blueprint

Number of panels: 12


Panel 1

Beaver is sitting in a chair, reading a book titled "Birds". Steve stands to the side, going FLIP FLAP with his hands, while a murder of crows is visible in the background, through the window.
Beaver: "Well this really is a fascinating book!"
Steve: "Oh, sure it is Beaver..."
Steve: "'Doo doo! Look at me, I'm a bird, the most boring animal in existence..'"

Panel 2

Beaver: "Listen to this: 'Although it is a commonly held belief that birds are unintelligent, in many cases this is quite untrue. The common crow, for instance, is able to use tools, a feat which even monkeys are incapable of.'"
Steve: "'...I love to eat seeds and I smell of feathers and...'"
Steve: "Wait - did you say crows?"

Panel 3

Cut to a flashback, ticked off with "Earlier..."
A crow stands next to Steve, who is reaching into his toolbox.
Crow: "Hey there, could we borrow your tools for a minute?"
Steve: "I.. I guess so."

Panel 4

Steve: "Here you go... Waaait, you're not going to use these tools are you?"
Crow: "Oh no no, you're getting us mixed up with monkeys. They love using tools, but us simple-minded crows just need them for, you know, birdy stuff. Like perching."
Steve: "Oh, good, in that case go ahead! He he! Stupid birds!"

Panel 5

Cut back to the present, with Beaver and Steve looking out the window at the crows, who are going CAW CAW.
Beaver: "What is it Steve?"
Steve: "I may have made a terrible mistake..."

Panel 6

A closeup of the crows, with one standing alone to the left.

Panel 7

Zoom in, a full body shot of just the leftmost crow.

Panel 8

Zoom in further, a headshot of the lone crow.

Panel 9

Crow: "SCATTER!"

Panel 10

The crows all fly off, carrying several of Steve's tools, with CAWs and FLAPPs.
Steve: "YAAA!"

Panel 11

Beaver: "Ooh, what's that?"
Steve: "Oh no..."

Panel 12

A view of the ground, with Beaver and Steve's feet visible, as well as a blueprint for RoboThumbs for crows.
Steve: "It has begun..."

Fun Facts

  • Steve's toolbox has a little smiley face on it.
  • Crows can design and build RoboThumbs, despite not having opposable thumbs with which to build them in the first place.



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