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Steve notices something unusual

Link: Comic 226

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: GUEST STRIP! by Chris Yates

Date: October 3, 2006

Summary: Beaver alphabetizes his spare appendages, while Steve assists Qual'n'Gurtha in the purchase of beverages.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Qual'n'Gurtha


"Fin" style: Cut from real wood (first official BnS Fin to exist in the physical world as such)

Number of panels: 13


Panel 1

Steve WALK WALKs along a rock, while speaking to Beaver, who is offpanel.
Steve: "Hey Beaver!"
Beaver: "B, C, D, E..."

Panel 2

Beaver stands over a pile of multicolored paper clips.
Beaver GREET!s Steve with: "Hello dear friend Steve! I am alphabetizing my spare appendages!"
Steve RESPOND!s with: "Those are paper clips, Beaver."
Beaver: "You say potato, I say spare appendages."

Panel 3

Steve: "Hey Beaver?"
Beaver: "What?"
Steve: "Have you noticed anything weird today? The backgrounds are more detailed than usual and our facial expressions don't change!"

Panel 4

Beaver: "Whatever are you talking about?"
Beaver: "I'm a Beaver, you're a Steve, and everything is tip-top!"

Panel 5

Beaver: "Now I simply must get back to my alphabetizing these."
Steve: "Okay! I'm going to explore!"

Panel 6

Steve WALK WALK WALKs away, OBSERVE!ing the countryside while Beaver continues to sort offpanel.
Steve: "What a lovely day!"
Beaver: "F, G, H..."

Panel 7

Qual'n'Gurtha shows up in an UNEXPECTED CAMEO!
Steve: "Oh hello, Qual'n'gurtha. What's up?"
Qual'n'Gurtha: "I have a thirst that is thirstier than any thirst that has ever been thirsted!!"

Panel 8

Qual'n'Gurtha: "And there is only one thing that can quench the thirst!"
Qual'n'Gurtha: "The smooth refreshing taste of Dr. Pepper!!!"
Steve: "Oh my!"

Panel 9

Qual'n'Gurtha and Steve happen upon a soda machine.
Qual'n'Gurtha: "But I only have fifty cents."

Panel 10

Steve: "That's okay! I've got an extra quarter!"
Qual'n'gurtha: "Really?"
Steve produces a quarter, which is almost as large as he is.

Panel 11

Steve moves over to the soda machine.
Steve: "Er, it looks like it's out of Dr. Pepper."
Qual'n'Gurtha: "RATS!!"
Qual'n'Gurtha: "Well, I guess a Pepsi is better than nothing."

Panel 12

Qual'n'Gurtha: "Thanks Steve. I will treasure this beverage for all time."
Steve: "No problem! See ya later!"

Panel 13

Qual'n'Gurtha delivers the PUNCHLINE! to this strip.
Qual'n'Gurtha: "Hey! Come back!!"
Qual'n'Gurtha: "My tentacles are poorly equipped to open this infernal container!!"
Qual'n'Gurtha: "I am unable to catch the wave of the next generation!"

Fun Facts

  • The characters in this strip were cut from wood and photographed on an actual rock, rather than drawn.


  • Beaver's potato line is a reference to "You say po-tay-tow, I say po-tah-taw", a line often used to note how people say the same things differently.
  • Dr Pepper and Pepsi are popular brands of soft drinks.
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