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The spacestation explodes

Link: Comic 222

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: the revenge of the SHOE GOBLIN - part 14

Date: September 19, 2006

Summary: The finale of Revenge of the Shoe Goblin

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Space Raccoons, Earth, Future Jellyfish

Onomatopoeias used: "VOOP", "GNAW!", "HISS!", "GLOP", "POP!", "EXPLODE!", "YET MORE EXPLODE!", "SHOE!"

"Fin" style: The letters are wearing space helmets

Number of panels: 9


Panel 1

The self-destruction system goes VOOP VOOP VOOP VOOP
Beaver: "Steve! What are you doing??"
Steve: "Uh-oh! What do I do now Mr. Button?"
Button: "Hey, don't ask me, I'm just an audiotory hallucination brought on as a projection of your Freudian id"
Beaver: "Come on, we've got to get to the ship before this whole place explodes!"

Panel 2

Self-destruct system: VOOP VOOP VOOP VOOP
Space Raccoons have begun eating the spaceship. Flies are circling around the decomposing spaceship.
Beaver: "Akh! Space raccoons! Shoo! Shoo!"
The Space Raccoons GNAW! and HISS!
Beaver: "Quickly Steve, get aboard!"

Panel 3

Self-destruct system: VOOP VOOP VOOP VOOP
Beaver: "Activate retro-thrusters!"
Steve: "Retro thrusters activated!"
Steve activates the retro thrusters from a sticky control panel, making a GLOP! sound
Steve: "Ew"

Panel 4

The spaceship backs out of the spacestation with a POP!
Some Space Raccoons are sucked out of the still VOOP VOOP VOOPing spacestation.

Panel 5

The spacestation EXPLODE!s, EXPLODE!s and YET MORE EXPLODE!s
Beaver: "Oh my! Just in the nick of time too!"

Panel 6

Beaver: "Well it looks like we ..."
The giant shoe hovers in free space.
Beaver: "Goodness! Look Steve! One of the size 6,000,000,000 ½ shoes survived the blast!"

Panel 7

The shoe is dragged into Earth's gravitational pull, plunging towards the still oblivious planet.
Beaver: "Hm... And it seems to be falling into Earth.."
Steve: "Don't worry Beaver, it will just burn up harmlessly in the atmosphere."

Panel 8

The Earth notices the danger at the point of impact, and gets SHOE!d.
Steve: "Oops"

Panel 9

[1 million years later...]
A Future Jellyfish teaches other Future Jellyfish about the end of The Age of Humans at what seems to be a Jellyfish school.
There's a chart behind him (her? it?) showing a picture of the 'Footprint crater', a diagram questioning whether there was a foot in the shoe, and a picture of a naked (and censored) Moustache Guy for reference.
Future Jellyfish: "... And that is how the age of 'humans' came to an end...".
One of the younger jellyfish is raising his/her/its arm/tentacle.

Fun Facts

  • Apparently, Space Raccoons are able to eat through their space helmets.
  • Space Flies don't need space suits or helmets -- apart from one, who has a helmet (panel 3).
  • A space rocket made of food will change in colour from red to brown when decomposing.
  • The shoe impacted with the Middle East region.


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