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[ 火车票] [ 订火车票] [ 北京火车票] [ 火车票预定]
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The Shoe Golbin be a terrible liar.

Link: Comic 209

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: the revenge of the SHOE GOBLIN - part 2

Date: August 4, 2006

Summary: The Shoe Goblin attempts to purchase a shoe, but his plans are foiled!

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Shoe Goblin

Onomatopoeias used: "TAP", "SNATCH!", "HMM", "SIGN", "PASS", "POINT!"

Number of panels: 7


Panel 1

Steve TAP TAPs on a form.
Steve: "OK, just sign here and the shoes are all yours!"
Shoe Goblin: "And then my revenge can begin! Ha ha ha!"
Steve: "Sorry, what was that?"
Shoe Goblin: "Oh, I was, uh.. Just clearing my throat"

Panel 2

Steve SNATCHes the form away again.
Steve: "Wait a minute... You're not the Shoe Goblin are you?"
Shoe Goblin: "Who me? O-of course not..."

Panel 3

There are two posters on the walls, reading


-An image of the Shoe Goblin-



And half a poster that reads


-An image of a bigfoot-



Shoe Goblin: (in the exact same pose as his picture, even with the same sweat drops on his forehead) "No no, I be, uh... The Glove Elf!"
Steve HMMs...
Shoe Goblin: "Aye, I be just loving gloves"
Shoe Goblin: "Especially the, uh, fingers"

Panel 4

Steve: "OK, just checking! Here you go."
Beaver: "Hey Steve, how's it going?"
Steve: "Hi Beaver! I'm just dealing with this customer who is definitely not the Shoe Goblin."
Steve: "Could you pass me his credit card?"
The Shoe Goblin SIGN SIGNs the form.

Panel 5

Beaver is about to PASS the card to Steve.
Beaver: "Sure thing Steve! Hee hee! I'm certainly glad it's not the Shoe Goblin! Imagine the trouble we'd be in if..."

Panel 6

Beaver: "But wait!"
Beaver: "This card... The name is S.Goblin!"

5403 5403 5403 5403
(scribbles) 11/04 (more scribbles) 10/07
Mr S.Goblin
Panel 7

Beaver POINTs at the badge on the Shoe Goblins chest.
Beaver: "And look! His badge says 'I be totally the Shoe Goblin'!"
Beaver: "It is the Shoe Goblin!"
Shoe Goblin: "Curse ye and yer clever ways! But this game be not over yet!"
[To be contd.]

Fun Facts

  • Shoe stores don't serve the Shoe Goblin and Bigfoot.
  • The Shoe Goblin is a member of the Shoe Bank, his credit card number is 5403 5403 5403 5403 and expires in October 2007.
    • If you turn each number around 180 degrees, it would resemble "ShOE ShOE ShOE ShOE".
  • At this shoe store, you have to sign a contract to buy shoes.
    • However, the contract might only be required when purchasing extraordinarily large shoes, such as ones whose mere weight could destabilise the planet's orbit when improperly handled.
    • More likely, it's just the IOU signature required for credit card transactions by most non-online merchants.


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