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9 tips of Scaffolding Safety Basics?

Numerous deaths occur each year due to improper scaffolding safety. It is reported that about 72% of accidents that are related to scaffolding consist of slippery conditions, objects falling, as well as the collapse of structures. The following are a series of issues which should be avoided:

  1. 1 - Lack of Supervision

With each construction project that consists of scaffolding, a person should be made in charge of scaffolding safety for the duration of the project.

  1. 2 - Using Different Manufacturers

Workers should never mix parts of scaffolding that are produced by different manufacturers. Continuity should be maintained among scaffolding parts and safety devices.

  1. 3 - Avoiding Costs

If you are renting scaffolding parts from a company, make sure that you obtain all safety accessories from the same company. If you eliminate the accessories in order to save money, you may have an accident which can result in serious injury or even death.

  1. 4 - Damage to the Scaffolding

The scaffolding should be inspected each day in order to make sure that there are no broken, cracked, loose, missing, corroded, worn, or bowed parts. If this occurs, you should ensure that they are replaced immediately to ensure scaffolding safety.

  1. 5 - Avoid Excess Weight

The workers should determine how much weight will need to be supported by the scaffolding. In order to ensure optimal scaffolding safety, the structure should support four times this calculated weight. If the scaffolding is suspended, wire should be used which can support six times this weight.

  1. 6 - Moist Conditions

Slippery conditions should be avoided. Any spills consisting of chemicals, grease, foods, and drinks should be cleaned right away.

  1. 7 - Poor Weather Conditions

When it comes to safety, necessary precautions need to be taken, particularly when the weather is windy or stormy.

  1. 8 - Behaving Irresponsibly

Workers should never stand on moveable scaffolding until it is permanently secured. While they are climbing the structure, they should not carry other materials.

  1. 9 - Unstable Construction

The foundation for the scaffolding needs to be smooth and firm in order to prevent the structures from deteriorating and shifting. The platforms and planking need to be secured properly as well. All workers should make sure that all guidelines are followed in order to provide safe distances between the scaffolding and power lines. It may also be necessary for the power to be shut off by the electric company.

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