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Beaver and Steve get jobs at a shoe shop

Link: Comic 208

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: The revenge of the SHOE GOBLIN - part 1

Date: August 1, 2006

Summary: Beaver and Steve get jobs in a shoe shop, their first customer being someone they least expect.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Shoe Goblin

Onomatopoeias used: "SALUTE!", "JING", "SPIN!", "STRAIN!"

Number of panels: 6


Panel 1

Beaver and steve stand behind a counter at a shoe shop. Some boxes are seen to the left of them, reading "SHOES" and to the right of them, reading "MORE SHOES". A yellow sign on the counter reads ASK US ABOUT SHOES.
Beaver: "Oh boy Steve, can you believe how lucky we are to get these jobs in a shoe shop? Can there be any cause more noble than providing humankind with its two most basic needs: footwear and footwear accessories"
Steve: "And we get all the shoe polish we can eat too!"

Panel 2

Beaver: "Right, I have to go and alphabetize the shoe-lace display. You're in charge until I get back"
Steve SALUTE!'s Beaver.
Steve: "My shoe-selling glands quiver in readiness!"

Panel 3

Steve looks at a customer who has his back turned to Steve. The customer is looking at two boxes of shoes - one on the floor and reading SHOES, the other on a small red platform, reading PLATFORM SHOES.
Steve: "Uh oh! A customer!... Just stay calm... c-can I help you sir?"
Customer: "Aye... I'd be wantin' to buy a pair of your finest shoes..."
Steve: "Certainly sir, what size?"
Customer: "I'll be taking a size 6..."

Panel 4

The customer SPIN!s around to reveal that he is the shoe goblin in disguise, wearing an eyepatch and a brown fake beard-and-moustache with the bell on his hat JING JING-ing.
Shoe Goblin: "... BILLION!"
Shoe Goblin: "...and a half."

Panel 5

Steve: (not recognising the customer) "..."
Steve: "I'll see if we have any in stock."
The shot reveals a WE ALSO SELL SOCKS! sign under the 'Ask us about shoes' one.
On the table, there are stacks of shoe polish with a sign that reads SHOE POLISH, and next to it a shoe with a Polish flag and a sign that reads SHOE (POLISH).

Panel 6

A short while later, Steve comes out with a size 6 billion and a half shoe, STRAIN!ing to carry it.
A text bubble with an arrow points to it and reads N.B THIS IS A REALLY BIG SHOE.
On the back wall is a poster with a picture of a person wearing shiny new shoes and text that reads SHOES - They are like hats for feet!.
Steve: "Hnnk.. Here you are sir, size 6 billion and a half. Would you like to try them on?"
Shoe Goblin: "Nay. I'll take them."
Steve: "You really ought to make sure there's enough room in the toe..."
Shoe Goblin: "I said nay! ... and I want the box too."
Steve: "Aw."
[To be contd.]

Fun Facts

  • Steve's tongue has become black, showing that he really enjoys the benefit of being able to eat shoe polish.
  • The store sign system is sophisticated enough to state the clear difference between shoe polish and a shoe that is Polish.
    • There are many B'n'S fans in Poland. Statistics gathered between July 13 and 27 in 2006 showed that 1.04% of all visitors during that period were from Poland. Additionally, some of the strips have been translated to Polish on this very wiki.
  • Beaver saying 'alphabetize' is written in American spelling, even though James Turner is British. Could this mean Beaver is an undercover American?
  • A shoe size 6 billion and a half would be significantly larger than what Steve is carrying, at least in these numbering systems:
    • UK/US: 31 565.7 miles or 50 800 km
    • France: (Paris Points) 23 674.2 miles or 38 100 km
    • Continental Europe: 24 854.8 miles or 40 000 km (approximately the circumference of Earth)



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