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Steve kills his ghost

Link: Comic 207

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: spook only when spooken to - part 2

Date: July 28, 2006

Summary: Steve kills, then sells his soul (to the devil)

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Steve's Ghost, Otter, Satan

Onomatopoeias used: "TUG!", "R-R-RIP!", "BULGE!", "BINK!"

"Fin" style: Ghosts

Number of panels: 9


Panel 1

Steve: "Yaaawn... Hey, What are you doing out here"
Steve's Ghost: "I, um, uh... Oh I just remembered I have to go and, uh, haunt something over there...

Panel 2

Steve TUG!s his soul's tail
Steve: "Oh no you don't! You're my soul! I need you for, you know, souly things!"
Steve's soul: "Hey! But hanging out in your body is so boring! No fair! Let go!"

Panel 3

Steve's soul's tail R-R-RIP!s from him.
Steve's soul: "AAKH!"
Steve: "Oop."

Panel 4

Beaver and Steve look at the dead ghost
Steve: "Do you think I should be worried that I just killed my own ghost?"
Beaver: "I think this might be another of those things that go in the category of 'It's probably best not to think about it.'"

Panel 5

Beaver: "Oh, but look, something is coming out of it..."
Something is BULGE!ing from Steve's Ghost
Steve: "I-Is it the ghost of my ghost?"

Panel 6
Like everything in it, life itself revolves around TV

Steve: "Oh... No, it's an otter."
An otter BINK!s from the ghost
Otter: "KII! KII!"
Beaver (in lecturey pose): "Don't you know Steve: That is where new otters come from."

Panel 7

Beaver: "It is all part of the miracle of nature!"
The circle of life is displayed
The Otter proudly shows off a fish in the bottom right corner

Panel 8

Steve's soul is beginning to smell (as shown by the flies flying around it)
Beaver: "Ew - But what are we going to do with your soul now?"
Steve: "Hmm... I think I know someone who might take it off our hands..."

Panel 9

Cut to hell, Satan is infuriated at the low-quality dead-ghosty product he has recieved in the mail.
Satan: "What the..! The advert said 'As new'!"
Flies emanate from the box
Satan: "I traded the world's largest top hat for this??"

Fun Facts

  • "Souly things include: playing saxophone, enjoying yoghurt, judgement day." - James Turner
  • Ghosts = Souls
  • To be pedantic, the circle of life does not include whatever Steve is.
  • Unlike Steve, his ghost is not able to detach his tail in emergencies.


  • In Comic 91, we see the ghost producing stage of the circle of life, also heralded with a BINK!
  • The package Satan recieved was delivered by Red Fox, which is the company that Joe from the webcomic Joe and Monkey works for.
    • In Comic 155, the Xarlaxian King's washing machine delivery guy disguise also implied that he was employed at Red Fox.
  • The man representing 'people' in the Circle of Life is another instance of the Moustache Guy.
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