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Beaver seals the portal to the dimension of love.

Link: Comic 204

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: the power of love - part 4

Date: July 18, 2006

Summary: Beaver overcomes love.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Love, The King of Love, Sock Puppet

Onomatopoeias used: "CRACK!"

"Fin" style: With voodoo pins stuck in it.

Number of panels: 6


Panel 1

Sock Puppet: "Oh, but I have been offered a job building orphanages for very sad baby animals in South America...I love you, but we will never see each other again! Ever!"

Panel 2

Steve: "Nooo!"
A Love CRACK!'s in half.
The King of Love: "We're under attack! Retreat! Retreat!"

Panel 3

The King of Love: "We'll be back! Love will find a way!"
Beaver: "It worked! But I still have to close the doorway somehow...A tear in the fabric of reality like this could seriously destabilize the structure of the Universe. But sealing it will be a highly complex task..."
Steve: "Sob!"

Panel 4

Beaver has pushed some furniture in front of the portal.
Beaver: "There, good as new!"
Steve: "I - I can't believe she's really gone..."

Panel 5

Beaver: "Oh Steve, that wasn't a girl! It was just an old sock that I quickly crafted into a cunningly convincing puppet in order to lift you up to the heights of joy, only to bring you crashing back down onto the jagged rocks of despair moments later! It's pretty funny when you think about it isn't it? Hee hee!"
Steve: "... Yes Beaver."

Panel 6

Beaver: "Phew! For a moment there I was worried you'd want to exact some sort of horrific revenge for the lasting psychological damage I inflicted on you! Ho ho!"
Steve is holding the voodoo doll of Beaver behind him.
Steve: "Ha ha, and on a completely unrelated note, can I borrow that box of extra large, razor sharp pins?"
Beaver: "Of course! Hee hee!"
Beaver hands Steve a box which reads "XL-PINS: Ideal for voodoo!"

Fun Facts

Apparently, an armchair with a cactus on it and a lamp will be powerful enough to seal a tear in the fabric of reality.



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