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Beaver sets his plan into action.

Link: Comic 203

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: the power of love - part 3

Date: July 14, 2006

Summary: Beaver attempts to repel the invasion force...of love!

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Love, The King of Love

Onomatopoeias used: "STITCH!", "WHITTLE!", "GLUE!", "THUNK!"

Number of panels: 6


Panel 1

Steve: "I can feel them bite my fingers! I can feel them bite my toes! Love is all around me! And so my suffering grows!"
Beaver: "Why are you attacking us??"

Panel 2

The King of Love: "We have waited for thousands of years for your people to draw us into this dimension with their acts of 'love'... but your primitive corporeal 'romantic comedies' and 'speed dating' have proved infuriatingly slow at this task. However now that the doorway is open we finally have the chance we've been waiting for... to take this world by force!"
Beaver: "But why enter our world at all?"
The King of Love: "To steal the one thing our dimension cannot supply, but which yours has in abundance..."

Panel 3

The King of Love: "Granola! It's oaty-delicious!"
Beaver (aside): "Hmm - I've got to stop them... and I think I know how!'

Panel 4

The King of Love: "...and cowboy boots!..."
Beaver is WHITTLE!'ing, STICH!'ing, and GLUE!'ing in front of him, turned away so what he is doing is not shown.
Beaver: "I just have to apply a few crafts skills of my own.. it's a good thing I was the 1992 world speed-crafts champion! ...There, that should do it!"

Panel 5

Beaver is using a sock puppet which is colored similarly to Steve.
Beaver (throwing his voice): "Oh Steve! You are so handsome! How about you and me go for a smoothie some time?"
Steve: "What... oh my! She's... she's... ...she's beautiful!"

Panel 6

A Love gets THUNK!'d by an arrow through the... well, through the heart.
Love: "AKH!"

Fun Facts

  • Beaver was the 1992 world speed-crafts champion.
  • Love enjoys cowboy boots and a healthy meal of granola.
  • Love lets go whenever Steve turns.
  • Steve is no longer attracted to dead fish.
  • Beaver still enjoys a good smoothie.


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